BROKEN: Twitter Sidebar Replies

By Noecker Last update Sep 17, 2009 — Installed 14,530 times.

Script Summary: This script is no longer valid. Shows replies to a user in the sidebar of that user's Twitter page

Version: 1.7



Twitter Sidebar Replies places replies to a user on the sidebar of their Twitter page. So if you are visiting Biz Stone's page ( ), any @Biz messages will be placed in the sidebar below his friends. Will also list replies to you if you are on your home page.

TSR has a few menu items that can be found in:

Tools -> Greasemonkey -> User Script Commands
- OR -
[GM status bar icon context menu] -> User Script Commands

TSR: Sections Behave Normally/Collapse sections automatically
Collapse sections automatically will automatically collapse Trending Topics and Saved Searches sections, hiding these generally un-useful items and showing replies further up the page.
TSR: Hide retweets/Show retweets
Hides retweets of the user whose page you're viewing. So on @gruber's page, you won't see anything that starts with "RT @gruber" or has "(via @gruber)" in it. For whatever reason, the regex doesn't catch everything, and I don't know why. If anyone has suggestions, let me know.
TSR: Set Max Replies...
Sets the maximum number of replies that will show up in TSR. Set to an arbitrarily large number (or a non-numeric character) to show all.

Please note that TSR is subject to the whim of Twitter search. So if a reply does not show up in search, it will not show up in TSR. Likewise, tweets disappear from Twitter search after a certain amount of time.

On Twitter, I'm SourNote. Follow me, I usually tweet any updates to TSR. Of course, it has the built in update checker, so not a huge deal anywho. Also, if you have any problems / questions / enhancement requests, feel free to @ me. I usually reply quickly.


TSR Screenshot



1.7: [2009-09-17] Added menu item to hide/show retweets
1.6: [2009-09-15] Added a (re)reply button to TSR's listing. Added menu items to automatically collapse Trending Topics and Saved Searches
1.5: [2009-09-15] Added a menu item to set the maximum # of replies you would like to see
1.4.2: [2009-06-29] Removed some console.log statements that I'd forgotten about. Oops.
1.4.1: [2009-06-25] Minor update to fix RegEx for urls, also uses updated script update checker code
1.4: [2009-06-25] Now auto-links to any urls, mentions, and hash tags (via Twitter search). Post time also links to status page as it does in the standard time line
1.3: [2009-05-19] Fixed to take recent changes into account. Also hides sidebar replies for the Login page, to hide the irritating spam messages to @login
1.2: [2009-02-26] Now with Twitter Time!
1.1: [2009-02-26] Several updates. Now shows any messages with @[user]. Works with https by default. Fixed the issue when looking at your home page. Added updater script to alert when this script is updated.
1.0: [2008-11-06] Initial version