Allow tab character in all textareas

By Avindra V.G. Last update Nov 7, 2008 — Installed 256 times.

Script Summary: Tired of not being able to type "tab" characters in those text boxes? Fear no longer my friends!

Version: 0.2


  • You can use tabs in all "textarea" fields on the page, which if you're not sure, are the multi-line input interfaces on the webpage.
  • It mimicks "back-tabbing" features seen in Dreamweaver CS3 and above: If you select multiple lines and press "shift+tab", it will erase all tabs at the beginnings of those lines.

Version History

0.1 - inital, basic tabbing feature
0.1.1 - added possible bug fix
0.2 - added a neat new "back-tabbing" feature


I noticed there's a couple of scripts already out there for this feature, the best other than mine being this one. His is alright, but I still like mine better. I'll let you be the judge.