Wikipedia : Inline cites faint en

By 84user Last update Nov 4, 2008 — Installed 134 times.

Script Summary: Makes wikipedia's inline cites fainter

Version: 1.1.1

Copyright: 84user 2008

License: GNU GPL

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This script uses an adaption of userscript "Wikipedia : Grey Lady en" made by hanns in order to inject the CSS that makes the cites fainter. The Grey Lady script was in turn adapted from "Wikipedia - Grey Lady" by chochem. Modifications made on 2008-11-04 were intended to reduce the boldness of Wikipedia's inline citations and are: added more wikipedia subdomains; replaced author "hanns" by "84user"; removed email ""; replaced 11683.css with "11804.css"; replaced copyright "hanns" with "84user". The 11804.css itself was copied from the GFDL code posted by Wikipedia User:Mzajac.