YousableTubeFix for Opera

By Mindeye Last update Mar 25, 2013 — Installed 56,521 times.

Script Summary: Removes ads and unwanted sections (configurable), allows downloading and resizing videos, changes the default video quality, expands the description and the video size, can prevent autoplay and autobuffering, etc...

Version: 2013.3.25

This is a port of YousableTubeFix for Opera users. All the instructions and notes of YousableTubeFix homepage applies to this port, except where otherwise noted. To install it, see the installation instructions below.

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Installation instructions

Follow these instructions to install YousableTubeFix for Opera:

  • You need Opera 10.50 or later to use the script.
  • Right-click on the Install button and select Save linked content as... to download the script file to a folder of your choice.
  • Move the script to your Opera's userscripts folder (you can choose the folder in Opera's options dialog in Opera button / "Settings" / "Preferences" / "Advanced" / "Content" / "JavaScript options").