Add Torrents To wTorrent (v2.6)

By Shannon Brooks Last update Nov 3, 2011 — Installed 3,281 times.

Script Summary: Let's you download torrents using wTorrent, an rTorrent interface, remotely from your browser.

Visit wTorrent Homepage ( to learn more about rTorrent and wTorrent.The idea for this script and some of its functions taken from "Add Torrents To uTorrent" by Julien Couvreur. The original uTorrent script by Julien can be found on

This script includes the ability to auto-login, though you don't need to use that functionality. If you wish to log in manually (just open a tab with wTorrent) you just need to set the wTorrent_OverRideCheck option in about:config to true.

Preferences are saved in firefox. Since 2.0 open the configuration window by right clicking the GreaseMonkey and opening the wTorrent: Config.

- Support wTorrent on alternate ports and with SSL
- Built in configuration page
- Seamless integration with torrent sites
- Support alternate download directory
- Support Private Mode add as additional icon or as the default
- GreaseMonkey menu shortcut for visiting page and configuration