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By Justin Ormont Last update Dec 11, 2010 — Installed 668,103 times.

Script Summary: Adds an awesome color scheme to facebook based on your photo.

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Released (v2.9.3) General fixes and updates: Cut CPU usage in half. Fixed icons, top bar colors. Added support for secure connections. Made fade between schemes smoother & slightly longer. Full support for Google Chrome web browser. Preliminary support for Apple Safari & Opera web browsers.

-- Justin 12/11/2010


v2.9.3 Released 12/11/2010                                                                                  Share
Colorizes facebook based on your friend's photos.
Each of your friends gets their own great custom color scheme!
Visit any profile or photo album on facebook, and the page will change color schemes to perfectly match the photo.
Works on profiles, photos, events & groups.

Updated 12/11/10: Support for Google Chrome. General fixes and updates: Cut CPU usage in half. Fixed icons, top bar colors. Added support for secure connections. Made fade between schemes smoother & slightly longer.
Updated 02/08/10: Improved look of new redesign.
Updated 02/22/09: Updated so colors match recent changes to facebook. Reduced CPU usage & improved smooth changes between pages.
Updated 01/06/09: Colors now change smoothly and seamlessly with the Facebook page.
Updated 11/17/08: Tweaks for the new facebook layout.
Updated 07/31/08: Supports coloring of the new facebook layout.
Updated 04/12/08: Added coloring of new chat bar and added coloring options.
Updated 04/02/08: Url of web server changed -- fixed.
Updated 11/07/07: Starting to integrate with facebook applications, facebook changed the top bar -- fixed.
Updated 10/02/07: Many changes: More color, better text contrast, multiple cache types, faster, etc.
Updated 05/19/07: Minor Update: Colors new top-bar now.
Updated 05/17/07: Web server was overloaded, moved to a new one. Working again!!!
Updated 03/12/07: Added features: now colorizes every single page on facebook, pre-loads colors for Albums, and doubled cache size.
Updated 02/11/07: Server address changed again. So all is working again.
Updated 10/10/06: Server address changed, which broke the script. Now colorizes the top bar.
Updated 09/19/06: Facebook now stores some profile pictures on a new server.
Updated 09/07/06: Added colors for Mini-Feed.
Updated 04/18/06: Will no longer return an all black color scheme.
Updated 03/28/06: Now includes caching; thus far faster.

1. Use Firefox
2. Install Grease Monkey
3. Restart Firefox
4. Start up Auto-Colorizer for Facebook
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Script made entirely by Justin Ormont.

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1. Use Firefox   2. Install Grease Monkey   3. Restart Firefox   4. Start up Auto-Colorizer for Facebook   5. Share with Friends
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Auto-Colorizer is not created by or endorsed by Facebook. The Auto-Colorizer program will ask you before installing any updates to the user downloaded portion of the script (there's also a server side part that makes the colors). In the future I may make it ad supported, but who knows, I'm only here for the color, not the money.