By norcimo Last update Mar 22, 2006 — Installed 1,902 times.

Script Summary: Shows links to search various sites when viewing

There seem to be quite a few "add a link to search on this site" scripts for This one attempts to consolidate as many as possible into one. See the options menu entry under User Script Commands to select which sites to display links for (by default they're all shown but that's probably a bit of a long list).

Set the top level domain in the options to select which version of Amazon and Google to use.

Bug reports and code fixes welcomed.

Fixed so it actually works (!) Oops

Added more torrent search engines thanks to "thanks to redux":

Fiddled with the search engine selection box

v1.2 A quick clean up to fix various issues, improve display of links. Note that search links now only appear on hover

v1.3 Should now work with the Chart Changes user script

v1.4 Now supports the displaying the search engine's favicon rather than an abbreviation