Facebook Online Logger

By df_uk Last update May 1, 2009 — Installed 37,675 times.

Script Summary: Log out of Facebook Chat and still see who is online.

Version: 3.3

You can log out of Facebook Chat and still see who is online. Updates every 60 seconds. You can Show or Hide each of the options using Greasemonkey's User Script Commands

PopUp Friends
Display online friends on top of Facebook Chat
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Click the title to show/hide the list and click x to remove altogether.

Want to know who has been online?
Open up a new tab in Firefox, load up about:config and filter for "Facebook Online Logger". You will see a list of your friends names, the time they came online, and the last time they were seen.

Modified version of
http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/19450 and http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/23499

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