Tauschticket.de Hacks

By gibsganich Last update Dec 2, 2011 — Installed 1,165 times.

Script Summary: Add information to webpages, at german booklovers' forum www.tauschticket.de: "Suchanfrage", "Meine Tauschvorgaenge", "Tauschvorgang-Bestaetigung", "Detailansicht"

Version: 2011.12.02

Adds essential information to webpages, at german booklovers' forum www.tauschticket.de.

On "Suchvorgaenge" : Table Rows get a row number.

On Book Details Page: ISBN gets linked to Amazon, Title to Google, Froogle, and Booklooker.de

On "Meine Tauschvorgaenge" "Tauschvorgang-Bestaetigung" :
The name of the requested article will be shown on the same page as the address of the recipient of that article. (Relevant for registered users only - useful for printing a delivery note).

Some functions in this script rely either on specific words in Bold tags, or rely on the formatting of specific table head <th> tags with some peculiar "class=" attribute values. Hence, if www.tauschticket.de *decides to change* this text, layout of their pages or the "class names" in their css file this script *may no longer work*.
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