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Copyright: 2008 Jerone

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<h1> Comment Exchanger</h1>
Exchange <a href=“”></a> comment system.

<h3>$1 News:</h3>
<p>This script not only works on <a href=“”></a>, but also on <a href=“”></a> & <a href=“”></a> & <a href=“”></a>.</p>
<p>Solved a small bug and added comment toolbar with a delete button and pre-defined comments.</p>

<p>I made this script after <a href=“”>a request</a> from <a href=“”>Markstg</a> and include some of his ideas. I also want to thank him for testing this script.</p>

<fieldset><legend><strong>NOTE:</strong></legend><span class=“notice error”>This script is still a <strong>Beta release</strong>, so I’m not sure if all works for everybody. Please leave a message if you get any errors or bugs!</span><br/><br/>
<span class=“notice info”><strong>This script does <em>NOT</em> work without <a href=“”>US Framework</a><small><a href=“”><img src=“” alt=“[Install]” title=“[Install]”></a><a href=“”><img src=“” alt=“[Homepage]” title=“[Homepage]”></a></small></strong>. Please install that script first and read the instructions!</span></fieldset>

<p>Have fun using it, gr Jerone</p>

<h3>$2 Changelog:</h3>
<small>[+] = added; [–] = removed; [/] = fixed; [] = updated;</small>
<ul><li><strong>19-10-2008 19:00 <em>[v1 Alpha]</em>:</strong><br>
[+] initial release;</li>
<li><strong>30-10-2008 01:30 <em>[v1.1 Alpha]</em>:</strong><br>
[+] added support for & &;</li>
<li><strong>30-10-2008 15:15 <em>[v1.2 Alpha]</em>:</strong><br>
[+] added premalink button;<br>
[+] added premalink to reply;<br>
[/] removed double spaces in reply;</li>
<li><strong>01-11-2008 14:30 <em>[v1.3 Beta]</em>:</strong><br>
[/] bug with padding & margin;<br>
[+] added comment toolbar;<br>
[+] added delete button;<br>
[+] added pre-defined comments;</li>
<li><strong>01-11-2008 23:00 <em>[v1.4 Beta]</em>:</strong><br>
[+] added top button;</li>
<li><strong>21-11-2008 21:30 <em>[v1.4.1 Beta]</em>:</strong><br>
[/] fixed small bug in framework check;</li>
<li><strong>10-01-2009 18:00 <em>[v1.5 Beta]</em>:</strong><br>
] updated framework;</li>

<h3>$3 Feature’s:</h3>

<h3>$4 Screenshot:</h3>
<fieldset><img src=“” alt=“”/></fieldset>

<h3>$5 Options:</h3>
– Look in the source for options.

<h3>$6 Todo:</h3>
<li>Comment box on top.</li>
<li>Full dates.</li>
<li>Get working on <del><a href=“”></a></del> & <del><a href=“”></a></del> & <a href=“”></a> & <del><a href=“”></a></del> </li>
<li>Put reactions on your comments below each other.</li>
<li>Add settings window.</li>
<li>Remove adds.</li>
<li>Split ## comments in tabs.</li>
<li><del>Add premalinks.</del></li>
<li>Color dates.</li>
<li>Add comments below article on homepage.</li>
<li>Reverse comments order.</li>
<li>Always show your own comments when logged in.</li>
<li>Open premalinks in reply in same window.</li>
<li><del>Add pre-defined comments.</del></li>
<li><del>Start comment over.</del></li>
<li>Number comments.</li>
<li><del>Top button.</del></li>

<h3>$7 Notes:</h3>
I made this userscript in Dreamweaver 8.<br />
It’s tested in Firefox 2 <small>(partly)</small> and Firefox 3.0.5 <small>(continuous)</small> with GreaseMonkey 0.8.<br />
This script is copyrighted and I prefer if you ask if you can ‘borrow’ parts of this script.<br />
Installing is at own risk and I can’t be held responsible if anything goes wrong.<br />
Want to reward me for putting time and sweat into making this free userscript; <a href=“”><img src=“”></a> (thank you).