Arabic-Hebrew ToolTip Translation

By benleevolk Last update Jun 4, 2009 — Installed 337 times.

Script Summary: Translate words on a webpage from Arabic to Hebrew in tooltips, using Ayalon-Shen'ar

Update (June 4 2009): This script is now configurable, using the same interface like Hebrew ToolTip Translation, written by Eyal Soha.

This script allows translation of words from Arabic to Hebrew by displaying tooltips when you hover over a word. The dictionary used for the translation is Ayalon-Shen'ar Arabic-Hebrew dictionary (

Large portions of the code are actually reproduction of Eyal Soha's Hebrew ToolTip Translation script (, although I have made some adjustments in order to make it more user friendly when dealing with the Arabic dictionary.

Arabic-Hebrew ToolTip Translation Screenshot