Integrated Gmail - Header Removal and Navbar Creator for IFrame Content

By Michael A. Balazs Last update Dec 5, 2008 — Installed 6,614 times.

Script Summary: The script is to be used in conjunction with "Gmail - Seamless Integration (Google Calendar, Reader, Notebook, etc...) with Collapsible Inbox for Standard GMail and GMail Apps" to clean up the iframe contents.

Version: 1.13

Works with Integrated Gmail: Gmail w/ Collapsible & Minimalist Inbox plus Google Calendar, Reader, Notebook, etc... Seamless Integration

* 1.13- Now works with new Google Reader
* 1.12- Fixes a silly spacing issue that caused a misreading of the headers.
* 1.11- New Feature: Now supports Navigation Buttons in iframes.
* 1.10- Better Apps Support
* 1.9 - Fixed multiple page loading issues and added support for all pages loadable by the Seamless Integration.
* 1.8 - Added support for google groups.
* 1.7 - Had to add back some of the notebook header because of the way google checks the page was actually loaded by a human.
* 1.6 - New Feature: Now works with google notebook!
* 1.5 - New Feature: Now works with google apps!
* 1.4 - Removed dependence on jQuery which reduces bandwidth usage and improves load time dramatically.
* 1.3 - Typo correction...
* 1.2 - Fixed a bug that could cause the headers to be removed when not in an iframe and add coded to fix the calendar month tab from getting misaligned on page resizing.
* 1.1 - Simplified code and reworked iframe detection.
* 1.0 - Original Version

Please send comments, problems, and general feedback to

Known Issues: Loading Google Groups causes this script to not run on other pages...