Songza Video Toggle

By tdupree Last update Oct 8, 2008 — Installed 125 times.

Script Summary: Allows users to show/hide videos on Songza.

This doesn't work anymore, I will just leave it up for reference.

This was whipped up pretty quick and does a pretty dirty job. Places a "Toggle Video" button near the "currently playing" header on the page. Allows you to show/hide the currently playing song's video.

You have to toggle each new video you want to hide. So, if you play a song and then hide the video, the next song you play will not be hidden and you will have to choose to toggle that one. Kinda lame, I know.

When you toggle a video for the first time, the song restarts. You can then show/hide/pause/play the video as much as you want after the initial toggle without it restarting. Also kinda lame, I know.

A side effect is that it hides the initial advertisement on the right of the page. Not really a problem, just thought I'd let you know.