Free Youtube!

By Stephen Paul Weber Last update Oct 4, 2012 — Installed 65,787 times.

Script Summary: Install and then use YouTube as normal, only without the flash. Plays videos with your local FLV-capable media player. Also rewrites common YouTube embed codes to be links to the video page on YouTube.

Version: 1.9.13

Tries to use lowest-quality video available from YouTube for best performance in embedded playback. Tries to use highest-quality for download.

Some support is also included for:

Vimeo, Google Video,, viddler, AcademicEarth,

Note about codecs:

This script is not a codec converter, only a source rewriter. It changes the form of the video pages to (approximately) what they should have been in the first place. However, due to the current fragmented state of codecs on the web, you may still need a plugin to view the content.