By crosbow Last update Oct 24, 2009 — Installed 44,610 times.

Script Summary: scrobbles the currently watching youtube video to


This script is out of date. You can use this one, which is basically the same but fixed!

When reporting an error please give following information:
a example youtube URL
do you use other Youtube GM scripts or extensions?
open the JS-Error console (ctrl+shift+j) and select the errors tab and tell me the errors


Saturday, 24th Octobre 2009
* Fix for YT update

Thursday, 24th September 2009
* Dialog is now draggable
* Fixed fade-effect
* CTRL+Click on icon to switch its colour

Sunday, 23rd August 2009
* fix for Season/Episode videos

Friday, 21st August 2009
* Quickfix for changed Youtube site + updater @require thing xD (hope it will work)

Sunday, 19th April 2009
* Box error fix done by Sebastian Paaske

Sunday, 22nd February 2009
* Button Fix

Monday, 24th November 2008
* Works with new upload button

Tuesday, 11th November 2008
* Fixed the bug that some videos show a grayed out button

Friday, 31th October 2008
* Should now work in SeaMonkey


A quick tutorial.


The video must be longer than 30 seconds! If you hit scrobble before the half of the video (even if you paused the timer counts on ;) the script waits with the submission until the half of the video has been reached, so dont leave the page before.

Automatic titles

The script tries to get artist + title from the title of the video, so eg. "band - track title" will work, but "track title - band", "b-r-tt----sdd" or "nice music" not!

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