RecordSearch Image Tools

By wragge Last update Aug 16, 2012 — Installed 796 times.

Script Summary: Changes the look and functionality of the National Archives of Australia's RecordSearch image pages

Version: 0.25

Now working in Chrome!

See here for some screenshots:

This script changes the look and functionality associated with the display of digital images in the National Archives of Australia's RecordSearch database ( There are a number of improvements:

  • The look of the page has been overhauled giving the image as much screen real-estate as possible and creating a consistent set of navigation buttons
  • The reference details of the file (series and control symbol) are captured and displayed on the page (with a link to the item details page)
  • Noice image transitions (fade in, fade out)
  • New enlarge/reduce button -- maintains the selected state when using the navigation buttons
  • 'Browse in 3D' button -- install the CoolIris plugin and experience the 3D wall, an exciting new way of navigating archives (only in Firefox -- soon to be replaced)
  • New button to print the whole file or a selection of pages. This uses the high-res images, but resizes them to fit on the page.
  • Hope this helps all keen RecordSearch users!



Version 0.25 -- Fix to work properly with NameSearch results.

Version 0.23 -- Minor fix due to RecordSearch changes - item details weren't displaying correctly.

Version 0.22 -- Minor fix for variable sub-domains - item details weren't displaying correctly.

Version 0.21 -- Bugfix: Missing the line that resizes images for printing. Ooops.

Version 0.20 -- Totally overhauled! Now supports CoolIris plugin and full 3D browsing. Many other improvements.

Version 0.14 -- Not sure what domain RecordSearch is on now! So the script now operates on both the old domain ( and the new ( Previous versions probably won't work -- so update now.

Version 0.13 -- Change to work with new RecordSearch sub-domain.

Version 0.12 -- Improved sizing of images for printing. Now examines the ratio of height/width and adjusts the image size accordingly to ensure it fits on the page. Also makes sure the image has actually loaded before trying to find out its dimensions!

Version 0.11 -- Fixed a stupid bug that stopped landscape images from printing properly. Firefox doesn't seem to support switching between portrait and landscape pages, so I've just made portrait images print with a height of 24cm and landscape images print with a width of 16cm. This should mean that they will fit on an A4 page most of the time.