FriendFeed Savior

By Bjorn Stromberg Last update Feb 6, 2009 — Installed 347 times.

Script Summary: Hide items that contain words you don't want to see on friendfeed.

FriendFeed Savior

Are you tired of seeing post after post about Governor Palin? Don’t have an iPhone, don’t want an iPhone, and don’t want to read about iPhones? You’re in luck, FriendFeed Savior is here to save you from all the drivel on the web that you just don’t care about. And just in case your curiosity gets the best of you, there’s a handy link to show you what you missed. And yes, it works on Friendfeed Real-Time as well.

If you're wondering how to edit the keywords and set this up, I've written up some FriendFeed Savior instructions for you.

And finally, if you're wondering what else I've got that will make your life better, you can check out the updates on the bjornstar tumblelog. Or head directly to the greasemonkey script collection to get to the really good stuff.

UPDATE 2009-02-06: Check whitelist first, then blacklist.
UPDATE 2009-02-04: Added a whitelist and improved performance.
UPDATE 2008-10-29: Fixed the script to not hide posts that you have posted, commented on, or liked.