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By Cold-Phoenix Last update Aug 23, 2009 — Installed 41,986 times.

Script Summary: Various user interface enhancements for the Astro Empires MMOG (

Due to the original creator being awol, i've edited the script to reflect the new changes and posted what i've done. I take no responsibility for it working badly or any bugs and all credit is to the author he did an excellent job.

Future update ideas:

Moved to forum post for shear size issues

Contact methods

- You can get me on the script forum or chat channel which i'm in as much as possible. I'm not interested in helping with other scripts.

- AE Extra CP Chatroom (updated link) - I shall personally be in this room most of the time, irc server, channel #aeextras

- AE Extras Forums - Orcas forums for the original script

To all people without these already, MAKE SURE you have these scripts installed (and in the case of adblock make sure you have a filterset loading refer to its site for that). There are hidden iframes on the battlecalc now and i highly recommend these addons to avoid them and other sites junk.

Noscript - To block advertisers javascript running and avoid exploits
Adblock plus - To block the sites these iframes are loading open 'blockable items' and find the frames block those pages and your done.

Please note

Guest: Having a problem with this new update, says my arrival input is invalid
@Cold-Phoenix: its a known issue however i won't be updating further so you'll have to wait for another person to update or downgrade if its bothering you, you can find older versions in 'source code' on this site
Further discussion of this bug can be found here:

Support ending

This last version will be my final one hopefully someone else shall take up interest in supporting extras in future. Those that want to use a previous version you can find them under 'source code' at the top of the screen.

Updated (4.89):

Sincere appologies for being so long releasing a new version, lack of interest in ae and personal projects took me away for a while.

This is a hotfix to apply some of the many changes that are having to take place, not all bugs are addressed yet. New layout btw is some of the worst html i have ever delt with, nested tables to kingdom come.

  • Edit: Webchat link has been altered to the freenode based one, please remember i shall try to be in that channel as much as possible for support but i may not be active 24/7.
  • Bugfix: Numerous fixes to gathering page sections internally (to address changes now and in future).
  • Bugfix: Fixed base data collection.
  • Bugfix: Fixed multiple bugs with new layout.
  • Removal: AeProject has been completely removed, this will be standalone in future, to ensure security for those who can't understand the code. No part of extras will ever be used to exploit data from anyone and even given just the rumours i have decided to completely seperate aeproject.

Updated (4.884):

Sorry for delay on this version, fixes a number of bugs caused due to updates, Thanks go out to dave jeff and thakn for their assistance.

  • Bugfix: Saving should now function on the advanced structures page.
  • Bugfix: Fixes for battlecalc thanks to dave.
  • Bugfix: Advanced structures titles should now function properly and be editable.
  • Bugfix: Many Aeproject fixes thanks to Jeffs hard work with a little polish.
  • Addition: New reset button added to the advanced structures page to reset to default values without requiring a full reset.

Updated (4.883):

Another hotfix to resolve errors, stuff still not working properly but improvements.

  • Bugfix: Production helper fixes (nullified on testing before release still broken).
  • Bugfix: Fixed first fleet being skipped on fleet summery.
  • Bugfix: Trade highlighting notification should now not ask with no trades/1 trade after viewing.
  • Bugfix: Resolved numerous errors on base pages where nothing has been built.
  • Bugfix: Fleet page multiple fixes.
  • Bugfix: Structures page overhaul now removed minor possible detection point in edit goals link.
  • Bugfix: Debris showing now working again, formatting is a little nasty till i can properly tidy up their horrible meathod of layout.
  • Edited: register.aspx and smilies.aspx added to exclusion.
  • Added: Titles now display on mouseover of advanced structures buttons, customisable in edit goals.

Updated (4.882):

  • Bugfix: Fleet page working again, again.
  • Bugfix: Fixed new reset feature to actually be usable.
  • Bugfix: Quick bookmarks option now functional.
  • Edited: Added display for player error aep bug to point people to their profile page to resolve.

Updated (4.881):

  • Bugfix: Fleet summeries are now working again woot.
  • Bugfix: Fixed prod helper not having grabcaps running, needs further alterations for free accounts.
  • Edit: Altered reset button, now will first attempt to clear ALL servers data, failing that it will reset the data on the current server, i'll work in further alterations to this.
  • Addition: Quick bookmarking system disabled by default, option added to toggle.

Updated (4.88):

More stable release mostly feature complete and functional, report bugs so they can be delt with via chat or forums. Thanks to terry, jeff, thakn and countless others over the last few days.

  • Bugfix: Fixed so many things i lost track now.
  • Bugfix: Fixed prod/cons helper.
  • Bugfix: Fixed credit page.
  • Bugfix: Fixed edit goals view on structures page.
  • Addition: Quick bookmarking system imported from gia script.

Updated (4.875):

This version has been rushed out to help fix what i can address quickly, i'm aware a lot of features are still broken. Prod/cons helpers are still non functional but this should help a bit.

  • Bugfix: Fixed poor trade highlighting.
  • Bugfix: Fixed advanced fleet page.
  • Bugfix: Fixed advanced structures page.
  • Bugfix: Fixed aep scanner fleet size upload.
  • Bugfix: Fixed aep profile finding (should not keep the profile not set notification constantly now).

Updated (4.874):

This version has been rushed out to help fix what i can address quickly, i'm aware a lot of features are still broken. Fleets page and the prod/cons helpers are still non functional but this should help a bit.

  • Bugfix: Fixed guild tag finding, also altered to hopefully store unicode data.
  • Bugfix: Fixed production page some minor formatting errors still.
  • Bugfix: Fixed production helper button on events page (main part of script still bugged).
  • Bugfix: Fixed footers attaching to bottom of screen. (still broken on a few pages)
  • Edited: Moved the static timer option to be with the animated one for clarity.
  • Edited: Altered updater back to checking once every 2 hours, due to so frequent updates being required.

Updated (4.873):

Bugfix: Fixed bug where advanced structures edit link wouldn't function.
Bugfix: Multiple changes to Aeproject to resolve errors, system scanning doesn't seem to have been uploading data but other views fixed.
Addition: Tooltips to describe presets on advanced structures page (d,m,b,c seem to confuse a few people) currently tooltips arn't shown due to rush to release.

Updated (4.872):

Bugfix: Quick version bump to remove drycoded fix that wasn't functional.

Updated (4.871):

Note: Appologies for lack of updates since 4.87 will refocus efforts and get some of those requested features out asap :).
Bugfix: Aeproject t.childNodes[2] and t.childNodes[10] errors delt with and should be functional again (Drengor is da man).
Bugfix: Aeproject scanner data posting while sorting fixed (Drengor is da man x2).
Bugfix: Aeproject check for server offline to avoid 404 error page loading into notify and screwing with page.
Bugfix: Aeproject further error trapping and checking to help ensure future stability.
Bugfix: Added goods to production helper and hopefully fixed crystal mines.

Updated (4.87):

Bugfix: Trade data notification should now properly hide if highlight trade partners is disabled without requiring full disabling of highlighting.
Bugfix: Time to quantity conversion on production pages should now be far more precise on smaller ships (big thanks to sordid).
Bugfix: Updated battlecalc script to use new attack page.
Bugfix: Config should now save per server properly in all cases.
Bugfix: Edited fleet links to avoid wrapping issues.
Bugfix: Andriod factories should detect properly in cons helper again.
Edited: Cleaned up production pages should be a little more polished now, tables fixed and links moved.
Edited: Altered added links in fleet page to avoid missclicks (more changes coming i am listening).
Edited: Removed duplicated functions included with helper, should trim things down a lot.
Added: Option to hide helping text on production page.
Added: Options to edit timers css rather than just colours, allows size/weight/other fancy things, also added option for main timer.
Added: Some extra exceptions to avoid script running on pages its not intended to.

Updated (4.86):

Added: By popular demand i've added options for the new additions rather urgently you guys can stop with the pitchforks now ;).
Added: Theres an option to show both timers but i've only quickly coded it in so i'm not sure if things are functioning as intended.
Bugfix: A number of minor changes slipped in while getting this release out quickly.

Updated (4.85):

Added: Additional custom location highlights for scanners.
Added: Merged Battlecalc script, currently no additional changes or options.
Added: Merged production/construction extender script. (production helper disabled till i add options because likely trackable)
Added: Profile pages now filters redirects (feedback on if i should filter messages.aspx as well please).
Added: Colour behind moving fleets to just spice things up a little.
Added: Checking for guild highlight on a 3 week timer. I don't think people will really change guild that much. Hiding disables the autoset for now, may add a secondary option.
Added: Static server time as well as animated, no option to switch or hide currently.
Edited: Script should now run on all future servers without edits.
Edited: Cleaned up some of the notifications to add links.
Edited: Radically altered the logo section to include more links to script support, bit tight on space so might need further alterations to that table longterm.
Bugfix: Trade highlighting should recognise not having any trades as being checked (untested please report bugs).
Bugfix: Trade highlighting colour shouldn't be overwritten anymore.

Updated (4.84):

Added: Insert a 'move' and 'attack' link column in to advanced fleet screen. Other fleet screen coming soon.
Edit: Error notifications should now stack less for cases of spammed exceptions (should not effect users).
Edit: Altered the error scripting to allow for multiple methods of tracking bugs. Defaulted off to start now.
Edit: Clarified aeproject references to show its the battlecalc sites scripting and that its disabled by default (its in RED now SSS :P)
Edit: Gamma server should be supported on release.
Bugfix: Fixed display timers being set by default (thanks to Omega359).
Bugfix: Fixed minor display error on config screen (thanks to hightower).
Bugfix: Got redirects filtered out on guild pages as intended.
Bugfix: Properly unescaped structure page colours allowing hex colour codes (#000000).
Bugfix: Resolved minor escape errors on a couple of config options, scanner and pillage can be disabled now also guild setting should function better.
Bugfix: Links to options page on aep notifications now functional.

Updated (4.83):

Minor change: Resolved saving error due to testbed code that was left in.

Updated (4.82):

Minor change: Added guild page to be checked for redirects, also added link to profile on new installs.

Updated (4.81):

Added: Highlighting for ships landing in the same system as one of your bases.
Added: Scanner highlighting colours can be edited in settings.
Added: Autoset own guild for highlighting, goto profile page to set.
Added: Notification on new install/update, it will now reset settings on new installs to ensure defaults are in effect and should not effect anyone *touch wood*.
Added: You can now change the colours on the advanced structures page at last /cheers.
Added: Filters out the redirection on forum posts, option to disable this added incase anyone cares, presumably the redirect is for 'bad astros'.
Bugfix: Resolved errors on unknown astros with aep enabled.
Edited: Altered first timer colour to an 'orange' rather than the darker blue for readability you can edit this in settings as per normal.

Updated (4.8):

Bugfix: Removed 'undefined' notify cropping up with aep enabled.
Bugfix: Resolved minor errors on fleet movement pages when your unable to move more fleets.
Bugfix: Made significant changes to the reminder system to deal with the new animated timer and other changes. Also fixed at last the fast timer bug!
Edited: Moved AEProject and Link Highlighting to the end of the loading, should reduce visible lag on loading.
Edited: Altered a function in advanced structures to be far simpiler and extendable for future needs. Removes a huge number of lines of code as well.

Updated (4.79):

Added: Background behind poor trades are now coloured.
Bugfix: Fixed coloured timers not showing after saving settings.

Updated (4.78):

Added: Server timer is now animated, options to turn on/off this feature are wip currenly.
Added: Can set your own colours for the timers now, i'm not sure what the timeperiods are thus the 'x' on the config page but it works so no complaints :p
Edited: Config page now running off javascript, should avoid multiple page loads and reduce ways of detection.
Edited: Moved config link to the logo section, primary reason is trade helper script using innerhtml on the same section removes the ability to use new link.
Edited: Tidied up the config screen a little.
Bugfix: Removed another attempt at autosetting missed defaults which caused saving errors.

Updated (4.76):

Bugfix: Fixed erronious notify occuring on attack page.
Bugfix: Fixed production queue hidding behind scripttimer box.
Bugfix: Fix poor trade calculating on free accounts.

Updated (4.75):

Name has been altered to shorten and reflect all the changes. This will reset your settings unfortunately.

Additions: Added close button to all notifications.

Additions: New feature "Use server time" to base times on server/local time.

Additions: Created a minor version display to give quick access to version and show script is active.

Edit: Altered notifications to be less overwhelmingly large.

Bugfix: Altered pillage attachment to avoid error when using normal aep client.

Bugfix: Trade partner highlighting should function outside the marqee again.

Bugfix: Fixed updating code again, was checking against an undefined variable without erroring.

Bugfix: Scanner highlighting setting should now apply correctly

AEP Bugfix: Fixed a number of bugs regarding data submission and what data was sent.

Updated (4.71):

Bugfix: Saving of settings should now stick properly

Updated (4.7):

I'm aware of multiple bugs currently surfacing due to the updates in version 4.6 please post any bug reports on the forums.

Additions: Added fully functioning pillage estimation, see base details for pillage.

Additions: Applied function to add clearer colours to the timers (actually included this time).

Additions: Added scanner highlighting if fleet is inbound to your base, will be adding options to further enhance this.

Bugfix: Removed timer showing date if time is 0.

Bugfix: Resolved time not showing in calculate launch box.

Edited: Adjusted name highlighting, should now effect rankings pages.

Updated (4.62):

Fixed Production page, damn i need a beer after all this work.

Updated (4.61):

Fixed broken trade saving.

Removed dialog for pillage count, you can view it in the console if you use firebug or on the error console for the moment.

Few other tidying up changes that were leftover from 4.6

Updated (4.6):

I'm aware of multiple bugs currently surfacing due to the updates in this version please post any bug reports on the forums.

Bugfix: Resolved the undefined color warning problem from the aeproject code, turns out it was in the code rather than referenced page.

Bugfix: Reworked fleet sum error code to finally fix the NotaNumber error.

Additions: Added a function to estimate pillage amounts when in base view, currently not displayed properly as work in progress.

Additions: Applied function to add clearer colours to the timers.

Misc: Largescale reformatting and reorganisation of code to pre-empt including several new features.

Misc: Added error catching to main execution for debugging, if you wish to avoid error messages turn debug off in the config or comment out the alert on the last line.

Battlecalc updates (AEProject)

Bugfix: Many fixes to try and get some functionality out of the code, seems to not like starting still so work is ongoing.

Bugfix: Changed script to only update profile on your own profile rather than anyones, this should help things a bit.

Updated (4.52):

Bugfix: Updated empire menu to new link to avoid detection (though you could have bookmarked that page so not exactly fool proof)

Bugfix: Applied NaN fleet fix from userscripts posting.

Edit: Altered default colours to match AE Xtras (though i hate these colours and i'm going to definatly add custom colours for next version urgh)

Battlecalc updates

Edit: Started trying to update AEProject code to work with notify's

Addition: Added features to attempt to remove the new hidden iframes on the battle calc.

Updated (4.51):

Bugfix: Fixed updating code to allow text additions to version code, should also backport to versions before 4.3beta allowing direct updates from <=4.2.

Addition: Added settings reset button to configuration.

Bugfix: Added checks to ensure loadtime display is only shown with setting enabled.

Updated (4.41):

Minor update, added new feature moving the empire bar above adverts in free accounts.

Updated (4.4):

Added updates from 'AE Xtras', including debrie showing on astros, preliminary attack warnings for nonattack ships and a fix for number formatting
Also added a number of other fixes, commented out a number of console loggings to reduce load.
AEProject related: I've added further options to allow certain sections of the code to be disabled, i'm expecting loads of bugs but i havn't tested them yet so anyone interested in testing what effects and further options would be requested please do so and post on the forum

Updated (4.3beta):

Started updating the battlecalc features, added a beta form of the ae projects script which has a general 'on/off' option i hope works. This turns off the entire thing for all those worried.
Battlecalc tech insertion works (touch wood) but i think its not registering different servers properly.
Loads of other changes all over the place, hopefully generally far more stable and numerous random things are smoother now.

Updated (4.23a):

Reposted cause i screwed up the version and it wasn't loading, new version is not far away now bare with me :)

Updated (4.23a):

Minor fix to solve column problems in production pages, also removed redundant 'hide full base' system.

Updated (4.23):

Fix for saving, production and a few other edits thanks to kamakazi's version, still needs testing so report any bugs.

Updated (4.22):

Fix for fenix server (production, battlecalc and saving still in the works)

Updated (4.21):

Not version bumped (Disabling production page timers till fix works)

Updated (4.21):

Edited - Structures page
--- Added 2 new profiles for astros, 'mixed' and 'defence' if anyone wishes to comment or make further suggestions feel free to contact me.

--- Changed versions and script to point to this as the new source for updates until author has returned.

Known issues:
--- Cosmetic bug with buttons to set profile on structures page, seems purely cosmetic but further checks needed.

Updated (4.2) Initial upload:

Edited - Structures page
--- Hopefully fixed the issues adding the new building made
--- Changed the default structures a little, 4 shipyards on a production base?
--- Found the background to the buttons wasn't applied properly, discovered it was a horrid colour that was picked and used a better one instead)
--- Updated the blue colour for the numbers a little so it might be a little more readable, i will probably revisit this though for a more permanent fix.

--- None currently

--- None currently