Automatic MySpace Media Remover

By Smooshieus Last update Nov 10, 2008 — Installed 28,940 times.

Script Summary: (2008-11-10) Removes most media on MySpaces pages including the Mp3 players, Flash animations and Windows Media. Each media element is replaced by a notification box (in the style of the users MySpace) that allows you to easily toggle its visibility.

Version: 1.5

Have you ever looked at a MySpace account and immediately gotten blasted with the
worst music you've ever heard? Have you ever opened a few contact tabs at once and gotten the wonderful effect of hearing three different songs battle for control of your speakers? Fear no more! The MySpace Media Remover is here!

With this script, by default, Miniplayers and most other media are disabled. Should you decide you really want to know which music was chosen to accompany the space you're viewing, you can just click the nifty link to enable it! Of course after being shocked by bad taste you can simply click again to disable it.

*Make sure to uninstall any previous versions when installing a new one!*

_-*Version History*-_

_v1.5 - MAJOR update! It now blocks a LOT more stuff. I changed blocked elements from <embed> to <object> (essentially just catching a few more things) and now included <inframe> elements, since those are used lately to hide all kinds of annoying applications and flash movies. Now nearly all media is blocked except for images (which can still be a little irritating if they're jumpy GIFs).

_v1.4 - The code has been majorly reworked to fix the script missing a few MiniPlayers that would get disabled but wouldn't enable again. It's now also more efficient and should the bug reappear, a notification will appear, asking you to come bother me about it. :)_

_v1.3 - Restored the ability to enable and disable media and expanded blocking of media beyond the MiniPlayer to include most other useable MySpace media types such as Windows Media and non-Miniplayer Flash animations._

_v1.2 QuickFix - A temporary fix since MySpace changed the MiniPlayer again. This update blocks it but it currently isn't possible to enable it again. Check back soon as I'll be repairing that as soon as I have time._

_v1.2 - MySpace changed the way MiniPlayer is handled so it was no longer blocked. Of course now I changed the way Miniplayer gets blocked._

_v1.1 - Now updated to use the design used by the MySpace owner._

(This script was originally based on "BlockFlash": by Jos van den Oever)</inframe></object></embed>