Google Fx v2.35

By Pablo Custo Last update Sep 1, 2010 — Installed 300,126 times.

Script Summary: [ Firefox | Opera | Chrome ] Many Improvements for Google (Autopager, Sidebars, MultiLanguage Suggest, ThumbShots, Image Preview, Toolbars, Filters & much more) - Fully Customizable - includes 8 Theme Colors with Iconization.

Version: 2.35

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v 2.35

  • # Fix Images search and returning to the classic style
  • - Removed Clusty from Other Searchers Toolbar and adding DuckDuckGo & Yauba

Thanks for report Bugs & post Suggestions!

Current Languages

Thank you very much to the translators for their contribution



v 2.34
  • + More options were added in the main toolbar and relocated his position
  • + Added MyColorTheme feature in Styles -> User Settings (for Sharing the Themes)
  • + Added config option for AutoHide Left Menu
  • + Russian Translation By AHTOH
  • # .. and Fixed the Reported Bugs
v 2.33
  • # Fixed some bugs in Images section
  • + Added Counter Numbers in Images section
  • + Added Front Cover of Books in Books Sidebar
  • + Make Google Left Menu Static
v 2.32
  • + AutoPager for Images Section WORKS AGAIN!!!!
  • + Now the results in columns can be 1-6
  • + We return to iconized the toolbar in the image section
  • + The check for updates now only made once a day
v 2.31
  • + New Icons v2.0
  • + Work in Google Chrome > 5.x
  • + AutoHide Left-SideBar (mouse on the left to unhide)
  • # Fixed the Safe Mode feature
  • # Fixed Image Toolbar (work again)
  • # .... and some other fixes
v 2.31
  • # Fixes for the New version of Google
v 2.29
  • # Fix a Bug for Opera
v 2.28
  • # More Fixes!
  • + Image Preview over Google Similar-Images service
  • + Added FaceBook Color Theme
v 2.27
  • # Solved most of the errors reported (thank you very much to all)
v 2.26
  • + Added Twitter Searcher in Sidebar
  • + Added the ability to disable individual sidebars from an icon on each element
  • + Added some icons on the Google Sidebar
  • # Fixed some visual bugs
v 2.25
  • # Many Fixes for the Google changes!
  • + Added Results in Two Columns feature (beta)
  • + Color Themes in Top Menu
  • # Fixed the problems when the styles were saved
  • + now, the settings for Opera are globals
v 2.24
  • # Fixed Some Visual Bugs
  • + Added the ability to change the color themes from the main menu (beta)
  • - Permanently disables the execution of the script over the following services: Alerts, Calendar, Code, Docs, Mail, Reader, Sites and Wave
  • + The thumbshots now through the service
  • + Added some support for the following scripts/add-ons: Extra Google, Google++ and Googlepedia
v 2.23
  • - AutoPager feature temporarily disabled in Opera 10.50
  • (Sorry)
  • + Add CSS3 Round Borders feature
  • + Add Tag Cloud feature ( engine)
  • + Indent results of similar domains
  • + Add Google Wave service in main menu
v 2.2.1
  • # Fixed Streaming AutoPage of Image Section... Works Again!!!!
  • # Fixed a bug in Color Picker feature
  • + Added Aspect Ratio Image filtre
  • + Added the ability to remember the last Safemode
  • # Fixed a lot of cosmetic colors bugs
  • # Calibrated some colors in the color themes
  • # Fixed an Optical bugs on the mozilla start page
  • # Fixed Japanese Language character sets bug (sorry guys)
  • # Fixed German Language (thanks Umoenks)
  • + Added Traditional Chinese Language (thanks Deep_Blue)
So sorry for the delay of this update.
v 2.2.2
  • # Fixes for the Google changes!
v 2.2
  • ## A lot of Fixes !!!!
  • + Added Color Themes feature (accessible from GUI Settings -> Styles)
  • + New Color Picker Feature in GUI Settings (beta)
  • + Relink images of Right panel
  • + Add some new searchers and remove others
v 2.1.9
  • Fixed the problems in the Images section
    (auto-paging does not work with the new options panel of Google)
  • Added the secondary color selector feature in the Images section
v 2.1.8
  • Fixed Some Visual Bugs
  • Fixed Japanese Translation by Tejas
  • Removed FX logo on results
v 2.1.7 (Langs Fixed)
  • Fixed Japanese & German Display Languages (Thanks Silverna)
  • Fixed French Languages Display (Thanks Placebo)
  • Fixed a mistaken appearance of horizontal scroll
v 2.1.6
  • Improved (very much) the execution speed
  • Added "Search by Similar Image" in Images Service
  • Added Auto-Check last version Script feature
v 2.1.5
  • Improved a little execution speed
  • Fixed again User Setting for Opera
  • We go back to Input Query with the original Case-Sensitive feature
  • Disabled the execution of the script under the following services: Alerts, Calendar, Gmail, Documents, NoteBook & Reader (can be activated again from the user settings)
v 2.1.4
  • Fixed some Bugs Reported
  • Added Image Color Filter feature
  • Added Last Hour Filter feature
v 2.1.3
  • Fixed a BIG BUG for FireFox (Sorry Guys)
v 2.1.2
  • Fixed several bugs reported (Many thanks to all)
  • Implemented several new languages and completed the missing
  • MooTools framework was implemented for compatibility with more browsers
  • User's Settings Work Again under OPERA!!! =)
  • Added reverse auto-paging feature
  • R2 : Fixed a little bug on the Image Service (sorry)
v 2.1.1
  • Fixed several bugs in web search service when user is logged
  • Fixed same bugs of Styles
  • Fixed an strange bug when we use UpperCase in our searching
  • Fixed some bugs of links menu
v 2.1.0
  • Script Code Optimized (little faster)
  • Fixed Image Service (Google changes)
  • Fixed Image Preview & Relink for PicasaWeb Service (Google changes)
  • Fixed some others Bugs
  • Add the ability to load Languange from Url (GoogleFx Google Code site)
v 2.0.9
  • Corrected the News Section (google change)
  • Corrected the Books Section (google change)
  • Add the ability to show/hide Sponsor links
v 2.0.8
  • Fix a bug when Save Settings under Greasemonkey v0.8.20090123.1
  • Add the possibility to choose between seeing the original image preview over the image thumb or icon magnifying glass
  • Fix Mozilla Firefox rounded corners feature
  • Fix Image Sizes Filter feature
  • Fix Image Content Type Filter feature
  • Add Image Color Type Filter feature
  • Add Image Exact Size Filter feature
v 2.0.7
  • Fix a bug when Save Settings under Greasemonkey v0.8.20090123.1
  • Add the possibility to choose between seeing the original image preview over the image thumb or icon magnifying glass
v 2.0.6
  • Fix Continue in Cache Feature (Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click over link in Cache Pages)
  • Fix Right Panel Bugs
  • Fix a bug in Site Filter Feature
  • Add Customizing the execution of the script on Google services in GUI
  • Add Firefox Round Borders option in GUI
v 2.0.5
  • Fixes... Fixes.. and many more fixes.
  • Scholar section (w/Auto-Pager)
  • Auto-Pager Energy Code changed again!
  • Original Image Preview now in a small icon (magnifying glass)
  • Image Section -> Filters by Site by Image Source or by link
  • GUI Settings with more tabs & Draggable
v 2.0.4
  • New Script Code for Auto-Pages (hopefully now works)
  • GUI Settings now with Tabs & Scrollbar
  • Google Suggest now with Recognition of Seach Terms (ex
  • Content Type of Images to the Top Bar
  • Add Filetype of Images in Top Bar
  • Fix Site Filter feature in Images section
  • More User Settings
  • and.. of course.. other fixes
v 2.0.3
  • Several fixes (Bugs & Google Changes)
  • New Right Panel implementation in WebSeach
  • Fix CSS Styles in GUI Settings
  • Optimization of the code
  • Dutch Translation (Thanks to Jerone!)