Cellphone Keyboard

By Oscar's Friend Last update Aug 1, 2008 — Installed 278 times.

Script Summary: The number keys function like those on a cellphone keyboard for text input.

This script is intended to enable users to input text into text fields using only the number keys, and is intended so that Firefox can be used with the number keys on a remote control (which you will have to set up by yourself, before you can use this script). By default it runs on all sites - so if you only want to test it out, make sure you disable it when you finish.

NOTE: There is currently a small bug which means that if the cursor scrolls out of the end of a text input of off the bottom of a textarea then you won't be able to see what you are typing.

NOTE: If you are using NoScript or some other Javascript blocker, then unfortunately this script will not work properly on pages when Javascript is blocked, as the code for timing the key presses will not work for some reason.

Keys function as follows (you can easily change them by editing the source):

0 = space - 0
1 = . / : " 1
2 = a b c 2
3 = d e f 3
4 = g h i 4
5 = j k l 5
6 = m n o 6
7 = p q r s 7
8 = t u v 8
9 = w x y z 9 

Press the same key to cycle through each option -- there is a two second delay after the last key press, at which point another press of the same key will enter a new character, with the option to cycle through those. You can immediately press a different key to type that, without having to wait the two seconds.