Tumblr Savior

By Bjorn Stromberg Last update May 15, 2012 — Installed 352,189 times.

Script Summary: Saves you from ever having to see another post about certain things ever again

Now available as native add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera at tumblr-savior.bjornstar.com

Tumblr Savior

Tired of posts about the iPhone filling up your dashboard? Fandoms pushing you to your limits? Don't want your show spoiled before you watch it? If you want to hide posts about certain topics, Tumblr Savior is here to save you. Just add your most despised terms to the array and Tumblr Savior will valiantly protect your delicate sensibilities. And if you wonder what got hidden, there’s a handy link to show you.

Disable Automatic Updates for Tumblr Savior or your script will be constantly reset.

This is a new Greasemonkey "feature" that you do not want. If I could disable it for you, I would.


If you're wondering what to do after you've installed it, you can check out the handy Tumblr Savior Instruction Manual.

UPDATE #7 - 2010-09-08: Now hides the source attribute.
UPDATE #6 - 2010-01-03: Added support for endless scrolling.
UPDATE #5 - 2009-02-06: Check whitelist first, then blacklist. Also cleaned up a bit.
UPDATE #4 - 2009-01-28: Now has two lists, a blacklist and a whitelist. Also fixed a bug that prevented the last item on your list from being checked.
UPDATE #3 - 2008-09-01: Updated for the new dashboard on Tumblr.
UPDATE #2 - 2008-08-02: Tumblr Savior will no longer save you from your own posts.
UPDATE #1 - 2008-07-30: Removed the alert box, should be less annoying now.