Gmail Signature Float

By Tim Jarrett Last update Aug 22, 2007 — Installed 26,044 times.

Script Summary: Moves your signature in Gmail to the top of the message rather than the bottom

New Gmail Breaks This Script - I appreciate all the emails that I've had lately about Gmail breaking this script and I am working on a solution. However, I'm pretty busy at work and with my master's degree right now and so have not had a whole lot of time to devout to it. Check back here often or email me to be notified when the fix is released.

This script came into existence because I got sick and tired of copy and pasting my signature from below quoted messages to above quoted messages. The additional functionality has come from various user requests -- which I encourage. Send requests to tim |AT| tim-jarrett DOT com.

Additional features include: allowing HTML to be embedded in the signature, option to "float" the signature or not, option to include signature in replies/forwards or not, option to remove "Sig Dashes", which is discouraged.

Last Updated: 08-21-2007
Current Version: 0.9 BETA

Version 0.9
Added conditional option to exclude signature from replies/forwards.

Version 0.8.2:
Fixed script so that pressing the "Compose" button from the contact list pages appropriately allows HTML and clears dashes (thanks for the bug report Raymon)

Coming Soon
Check back soon! Due to LOTS of feature requests lately, I will have longer signatures available no later than 8/23/2007.

  • This script runs only when gmail loads it's javascript file. So after upgrading, please remember to log out and then back in to gmail or click View -> Reload. Simply clicking the refresh button isn't enough.
  • This script is being packaged in Lifehacker's "Better Gmail", I can't voucher for how well Gmail Signature Float plays with other Gmail scripts and so can't support installations based on "Better Gmail" (though I am flattered, I freakin' love Lifehacker)