Twitter Enhancements: Mark Read Items

By Ziru Last update May 1, 2009 — Installed 737 times.

Script Summary: Mark read tweets using a customizable background color.

Change the value of variable gblBackgroundColorForReadItems, if you don't like the default background color for Marked tweets. Originally part of this script. Now provided as a standalone script.

Update (04/30/09): The script is broken by the new change to Twitter home page which now always redirects the pagination URL to Fix the script by using a workaround to figure out whether the lastRead status should be updated or not.

Update (04/03/09): Makes it work with Google Chrome.

Update (03/31/09): Change the Include URLs to http(s)://

Update (09/18/08): Fix the script to work with twitter's new layout

Update (09/18/08): Cover the https twitter pages.