Library EZProxy forwarder

By Andrew Perry Last update Jul 18, 2008 — Installed 430 times.

Script Summary: Mangles URLs to add .ezproxy.x.x.x.x into all outgoing links to enable you to use a library proxy such as EZProxy for full-text journal access.

**** You MUST edit to add your libraries proxy (the proxyname variable), else it won't work !! ****.
Adds .ezproxy.x.x.x.x into all URLs, going through library proxy for full-text journal access. Ezproxy ( is a common proxy program used by university libraries to allow access to subscription based full-text in journals. This plugin adds the proxy domain to outgoing links from journal sites and NCBI PubMed (eg, like This allows users to automatically follow links through their institutional library proxy for seamless access to journal fulltext (if they are subscribed).

The latest versions of Zotero (~1.5) ( incorporate similar functionality, including some autodetection of proxies on the first time you use your librarys proxy. I suggest you just use Zotero instead ... it's not as lightweight as this script, but it makes a great research tool.

If you are looking for a similar extension for Google Chrome or Chromium, I suggest you try Ezproxy Redirect ( ).