GLB Player Navigation

By peteb Last update Dec 23, 2008 — Installed 4,088 times.

Script Summary: OBSOLETE

THIS SCRIPT WILL NO LONGER BE MAINTAINED - GLB has finally added a player navigation menu, therefore I will no longer keep this up to date.

Adds a drop down menu to the Player Profile, Awards, Equipment, Skill Points, Contract Offers and Tactics Page. The menu links to the corresponding page for the selected player.

The drop down menu takes place of the players name at the top of the page. If the user does not own more than 1 player the menu will not be displayed.

I've built in one custom option which is listed at the top of the script:

timeout - the timeout for the script to execute, default to 0, value is in milliseconds, 1 second would equal 1000 milliseconds.

Inspired by

note: to those who have many players and the menu runs off the screen, with your mouse in the menu box tap the down arrow a few times and this will allow you to see the players on the menu that go beyond the bottom of the screen.

Updated this script so it does not use GM_xmlhttpRequest. In the old version GM_xmlhttpRequest is used to call the home page to get a list of the players you own each and every time you visited a players page. The list of players was then used to construct the player navigation menu.

In an effort to keep down the use of the GM_xmlhttpRequest function (and the additional traffic to the home page) I modified it so it stores the players found on the home page when you visit the home page. Therefore you must visit the home page at least once for this script to work correctly. Also, if you buy another player you will need to revisit the home page once before he shows up in the navigation menu.