By eoftedal Last update May 12, 2010 — Installed 58,126 times.

Script Summary: Get preview of thumbnailed images on flickr, photosight,,, facebook and google images.

Version: 0.0.49

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New beta version available:
NB! Moved location of zoom icon from version 0.0.39 because lower right is used by flickr's own new version on search pages

On thumbnails you should get a zoom-icon when the mouse cursor is over the thumb. Clicking this icon, results in a preview being opened with a fancy pants zoom.

This script downloads and uses the latest jQuery from the jQuery dev-site.

Also check out my new script for browsing favorites recently added by your flickr contacts:

Release history:
0.0.49 - Fix for google images
0.0.48 - Fixing broken video playback
0.0.47 - Icons embedded as data in script as suggested by ariyanster
0.0.46 - Supporting escape key as suggested by nick_name
0.0.45 - New zoom icon - suggested by Arnab Roy
0.0.44 - Support for Google images added
0.0.43 - Really fixing the facebook bug
0.0.42 - Fixing facebook bug
0.0.41 - Support for larger versions on flickr +
0.0.40 - Moved to google location of jquery
0.0.39 - Moved the location of the zoom icon to upper right instead of lower right. Lower right is now used by flickr's own version on the search page, and the lower left is used by the play button on videos.
0.0.38 - A bit faster zoomspeed. Version check no longer increases the number of installs on this page
0.0.36 - Fixed arrow key bug
0.0.35 - Video support on Flickr
0.0.34 - Fixed bug for FF 3.5 where mouse and arrows did not work as expected
0.0.33 - FF 3.5 now works
0.0.32 - Adding automatic "new version" notification
0.0.31 - Shows description below title on flickr
0.0.30 - bugfix for facebook + preloading of next image
0.0.29 - Left/right arrow navigation
0.0.28 - Deleted some code because of functionality now available in jQuery (nice)
0.0.27 - Some limited facebook support
0.0.26 - Fixed bug where gray background suddenly stopped filling the entire screen on flickr
0.0.25 - Adding color bar to the left which allows you to view a picture on different shades of gray backgrounds
0.0.24 - Fixed OnExposure zoom to top of page bug
0.0.23 - Fixed bug with missing zoom icon on group thumbs on new flickr design
0.0.22 - Support for onexposures new hostname
0.0.21 - Adding title below picture on flickr
0.0.20 - Fixed OnExposure "tiny" bug
0.0.19a - Removed icon from collection/sets mosaic
0.0.18a - Favorites support for onexposure
0.0.17a - Fixed several smaller bugs
0.0.16a - Fixed bug where image pops below bottom of page even though there is room above
0.0.15a - Support for "add to album" on
0.0.14a - Fixed JQuery vs. prototype problem on
0.0.13a - support for "tiny" on onexposure, and large thumb on photosight
0.0.12a - support for added
0.0.11a - support for added
0.0.10a - support for added and fixed small buttonbar bug
0.0.9a - Fixed bug for "close" and "add to faves"
0.0.8a - Should now work for dynamically added images (from pagerization, browsing etc)
0.0.7a - "Add to favorites" button in button bar
0.0.6a - Button bar for closing/opening the image page added
0.0.5a - Loading indicator added

Planned features:
- Better favorites handling
- Commenting (not sure about this one)

Known issues:
- Google Chrome + Greasemetal: Icon appears in the wrong place on contacts page and group pool pages