Gmail Air Skin 2 (with ads-block)

By Amio Last update May 22, 2010 — Installed 15,629 times.

Script Summary: Gmail Air Skin with ads-block for the new Gmail offical "Classic" and "Default" theme.

Version: 2.5.4

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  • Change fonts type to verdana.
  • Add hover highlight to most clickable elements.
  • Remove advertisements and extend email body
  • Adjust Quick Links(Print, New Window, etc) and labels' position.
  • Hide invite box.

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Gmail Air Skin 在Gmail的默认风格基础上移除广告、扩展邮件阅读窗口、调整布局、增加鼠标指示高亮等,增强Gmail可用性。


2010.05.22 (v2.5.4)
- Update with Gmail.

2010.04.22 (v2.5.3)
- Update with Gmail.

2010.03.12 (v2.5)
- Update with Gmail.

2009.07.08 (v2.4.3)
- Bug fix ( Clear the wink background when drag conversations onto a nav link )

2009.07.07 (v2.4.2)
- Bug fix

2009.07.06 (v2.4.1)
- Some details adjust

2009.07.05 (v2.4)
- Rewrite some code to fit Gmail's update(on Jul 2, added drag & drop function).

2009.04.08 (v2.3.2)
- Update to fit change on thread list.
- Remove underline for nav buttons.

2009.03.09 (v2.3)
- Fits gmail's new class name build.

2009.02.24 (v2.2.2)
- Update to fit change on ads and quick link.

2009.02.04 (v2.2.1)
- Increase fonts size of new button style for asian fonts displaying better.

2009.02.01 (v2.2)
- Modify to work with Gmail's new ads code (fix the loading problem).

2008.11.28 (v2.1)
- Modify to improve compatibility with other addons.

2008.11.26 (v2.0.1)
- Checkbox in thread list now fully showed.
- Decrease the width of date-box in thread list.

2008.11.25 (v2.0)
- Complete rewrite to fits new Gmail 'default' and 'classic' theme

2008.05.28 ~ 2008.11.25 ( Initial release ~ v1.4 )