Ikariam Quickbar v1.6

By EnigmaBrand Last update Jun 13, 2008 — Installed 22,724 times.

Script Summary: Adds a tab to the left side of the game window that holds "Quickmarks" for you. When you find a page that you'd like to save, expand the tab and click "Quickmark current page" to name and save it. Later, you can open the tab and click one of your quick quickmarks to visit it! Mouse over the tab to expand it and click again (or mouseout) to close it.

Version: 1.0

Script homepage

v1.6: Fixed the rename and delete buttons.

v1.5: Moved pics to IMGboot from googlepages.

v1.4: Added the ability to re-order your quickmarks.

v1.3: Fixed z-index bug. Should show tab over top of the wikibar if the wikibar is open.

v1.2: Removed the v1.0 from the name, made the Ikariam Quickbar text clickable to bring you back to my scripts list on userscripts.org. (You will need to uninstall the old one. Make sure to export your list first!)

v1.1: I am not incrementing the version numbers. That way you can just install it over top of your old one. Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you close the tab in Firefox 2.

Preview (tab in):
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Preview (tab out):
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