Ikariam City Select Reorder-er

By Overkill Last update Apr 17, 2010 — Installed 85,859 times.

Script Summary: THIS SCRIPT IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED, SEE DESCRIPTION FOR AN UPDATED LINK Lets you reorder your cities in the drop down. Also adds a small dropdown box to move resources between your cities (optional). For older versions of Greasemonkey, install the Feb 12th version.

Version: 4.1

This script is no longer maintained. See Faber's script for a newer version.

To take advantage of the script, your city select dropdown should be set to show coordinates.


version 4.1
• Greasemonkey X.6 users only. Greatly simplified code. Should fix a lot of bugs.
version 4.0.1
• Disabled re-ordering balances in the finance view. Will need to be re-written for 0.3.3 anyways.
version 4.0
• hilight now works, but this may break other scripts that can change cities
• Greasemonkey .6 fix
version 3.8
• deployed and occupied cities are color coded
• can collect cities by type now
version 3.7
• time localizations grabbed off the server
• small update for 0.3.2
version 3.6
• small fix for people on the very right/bottom of the maps (00 == 100). This may break people on the left/top, but I can't test that case. I'm assuming they're 0 and not 00.
version 3.5
• small fix for 0.3.1 update, and uhhh.. whatever I did between 3.2 and 3.5
version 3.2 (i'm an idiot)
• quick fix for players who have their city select dropdown set to show coordinates
version 3.1 (less unstable)
• remembered that I already wrote some code for another script...
• deleted some more old code
• made handling changing cities more robust
• added author tag in the options
version 3 (unstable)
• redid variable types. I didn't need to reset my prefs, but you may need to delete old settings. I was using strings to store numbers and that bothered me, so I changed it.
• fixed various finance bugs (wasn't working if you were showing coords in town names or had multiple towns with the same name)
• better options for placing the transport box or disabling it completely
• deleted a lot of lines of useless code
version 2
• restarting version #
• fixed transit times
• code cleanup
• Ikariam 0.3.0 compatibility changes
• introduced overkill bar interface
version 0.11
• works if you play on multiple servers now, moved the transport box to the left. still looks ugly. does nothing if you only have 1 city.
version 0.10
• finally fixed code to re-order cities in the balances page
version 0.9
• finally removed resource lookups to make it compatible with Ikariam v0.2.8
version 0.8
• made dropdown box bigger
• made dropdown box work with town wall in city view
version 0.6
• changes for Ikariam 0.2.6
• completely different method for generating the dropdown list, should respect all options you set
• changes original <option>s now too, so that re-orders you make affect other scripts too
• fixed render issue
• minor code cleanup
version 0.5
• fixed over-eager coordinate finding
• rounded transport duration code
version 0.4
• Code cleanup
• Adds resource icon to current city name
version 0.3
• Reorders the cities in the Finance/Balances page too
version 0.2
• Top entry now changes to give feedback to indicate what city you are going to while the page loads
• Borrowed functionality of Ikariam Transporter (it's the small dropdown in the top left of the city view) that lets you transport resources between your cities with fewer page loads and mouse clicks.
version 0.1
Initial release.</option>