Ads Remover for Google/AdSense Hacked for Google JavaScript Ads

By Tom Spear Last update Jan 23, 2006 — Installed 34,755 times.

Script Summary: Removes Google AdSense from all web pages. It also removes toolbar ad and desktop search ad too.

Version: 0.1

This is just the original "Ads Remover for Google/AdSense" hacked to work with the new google javascript ads, instead of only working with the older iframe ads... This has been tested on and works. Any problems with the script? Email me directly: Speeddymon '@' gmail

NOTE: To install this you MUST have the Mozilla Firefox web browser, and MUST have the GreaseMonkey Firefox Extension. If you dont have those installed, then DO NOT EMAIL ME. Support for how to get/use those is provided at their respective sites, which you can google for.

Note 2: This has not been updated recently and has been reported to not work on some sites. I currently do not have the time to look into fixing the problem, so I am sorry if the site you _really_ want it to work on doesn't work.