Super iGoogle

By stinkinrich88 Last update Apr 9, 2012 — Installed 56,551 times.

Script Summary: Show/hide the header, footer and sidebar tabs on iGoogle to save space! Perfect for small screens or netbooks!

Version: 3.1

Copyright: Richard Coombs (stinkinrich88)

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Super iGoogle is also available as a Firefox add-on or a Chrome Extension.

Super iGoogle compacts all of the unused space on your iGoogle page, making it neater, prettier and easier to use on small screens.

Each page element can be separately turned on/off using the settings menu or the following keyboard shortcuts:

Header: Alt+1. Sidebar: Alt+2. Footer: Alt+3. Minisearch: Alt+4.

You can set the sidebar to autohide (on by default) using the settings menu. This gives you quick access to tabs and chat without wasting any space.

Super iGoogle is totally free and open-source, so you can check for yourself that it is safe, efficient and well-designed.

If you have a problem, many of them can be fixed by clearing your cache and cookies. If Super iGoogle ever randomly breaks, it's because Google have changed the iGoogle page code. Update to the latest version of Super iGoogle. Chances are, I've fixed it.