Twitter Enhancements: Retweet This

By Ziru Last update May 21, 2009 — Installed 9,318 times.

Script Summary: Append a retweet button to the end of each twitter entry.

This script allows users to customize the retweet message based on template (ie., the gblRetweetTemplate variable). Two special placeholder are supported now: %a for author id, and %c for the original twitter message.

Here is a screenshot:

The default locale is English. Please change the value of variable locale or directly the values of variable gblRetweetTemplate/gblRetweetButtonTitle, if you want a different language or tweet template. The default Chinese template is: '[转] @%a: %c', while the default English one is: 'RT @%a: %c'.

For some reason, twitter update API without authorization header always gets rejected ('unauthorized' error is returned). To make the script to work, twitter username/password needs to be entered and stored in GM registry (upon the first use or when Alt-/ is pressed). Such information will be removed from GM registry upon the script uninstall. Please don't install this script if you don't like this.

Two locales are provided now: English & Chinese. Feel free to customize those labels/messages based on your locale (in the CONFIGURATION AREA of the source), or simply comment out the non-used locale variable definition.

Update (05/21/09): Fix the script due to the single-tweet-page change.

Update (04/30/09): The script is broken by the new change to Twitter home page which now always redirects the pagination URL to Fix the script by using a workaround to construct the retweet message properly.

Update (04/23/09): Fix the incomplete-URL bug when the retweet contains long URLs.

Update (04/22/09): Fix the script to make it working for those who still stuck to the old twitter layout. Thanks to @WikiLeon for bringing up the issue.

Update (04/20/09): Mark it Chrome-compatible.

Update (04/07/09): Minor bug fixes.

Update (04/01/09): Minor changes to make the script working with the new Twitter web pages.

Update (02/27/09): Retweeting using the current session if possible. Thanks to chaux, Tobi_as and booticon for the suggestion.

Update (02/27/09): Replace the "Retweeting" with the now-standard "RT" in the retweet message, to save the tweet length. Thanks to booticon for the review.

Update (01/14/09): Don't change the page number when retweeting on twitter home or replies pages.

Update (10/17/08): Script broken likely by twitter's CEO change. Fixed now.

Update (09/18/08): Cover the https twitter pages.

Update (09/18/08): Fix the script to work with twitter's new layout

Update (07/22/08): Split the script into three: RetweetThis, MarkReadItems, and EnterToSend.

Update (05/20/08): Some bug fixes.

Update (05/09/08): No sensitive information like username/password will be stored by the script any more. This should be a relief for the users.

Update (05/09/08): As a bonus, I add a simple feature which would display all tweets, which have already been read, using a customizable background color (via gblBackgroundColorForReadItems).

Update (05/09/08): Make the retweet button visible only when the mouse hovers above the entry to retweet.