Google Wikipedia

By Matthew Flaschen Last update Dec 28, 2005 — Installed 3,059 times.

Script Summary: Changes the Wikipedia search to use Google site search instead

I created this in response to a request by Neil Lall on the ideas page. The script should work by default on any version of Wikipedia. It will probably work on any MediaWiki site if you change the include settings (untested). What the script does is change the action of the Wikipedia search form so when you submit a search (for example, by clicking "search" or pressing enter) it will redirect it to Google site search. This means the search will be faster, easier, and more accurate (IMHO). However, it will also be less up to date because Wikipedia updates the search index automatically, while Google only crawls the site occasionally (Wikipedia shuts down its indexing occasionally because the updating is slowing down an already busy server) . This delay is especially harmful on a wiki. Thus, I won't be offended if you choose not to use it. I'm uncertain whether I'll use it myself (though I probably will) :)