Endless Tweets

By Mislav Marohnić Last update Oct 30, 2009 — Installed 217,030 times.

Script Summary: Loads pages endlessly when scrolling on the Twitter timeline. Other features: remembers last read tweet, embedded location map, more dynamic interface, tab-completion of friend names and live updates with Growl notifications.

Latest version: 0.9.10

September 2010 update: #newtwitter makes this script obsolete

Twitter incrementally released a completely overhauled version of their site labelled #newtwitter. Needles to say, this breaks a lot of Endless Tweets functionality. It also implements some of its features: endless scrolling, username autocompletion, following conversations, easy replies etc.

So if you have #newtwitter, don't install this script yet. I might be doing improvements to the new site with some ideas I have in the future, so keep an eye out.


When I'm catching up, I often read multiple pages of tweets. That requires a lot of clicks on the next page and besides, sometimes it's hard to spot what update did I read last.

This script automatically loads the next page when you approach the bottom of the document. It also does a lot more to improve the user experience on the Twitter.com website.


  1. Preloading of next page when you scroll down;
  2. When on home, it remembers the last tweet that you've read and preloads next pages until you reach it, after which preloading stops;
  3. Option to enable polling for new updates from your friends every 2 minutes. (This works best in Fluid on Mac OS X, where you have Growl notifications);
  4. Tab-completion of friend names (screencast) when writing updates: for instance, writing "@mi" and hitting Tab will expand it to "@mislav";
  5. When clicked on the "reply" icon on a single tweet page an inline reply form is shown (screencast) without reloading the page;
  6. Clicking on the "in reply to ..." links fetches and displays the referenced tweet inline (screencast);
  7. Sorts friends in the sidebar by screen name;
  8. Minified layout when you resize your browser window to a width narrower than Twitter.com layout;
  9. Displays a Google map on user profiles which have geo coordinates (screencast);
  10. A notifier that informs you of updates to this script (checks every 48 hours, available only in Mozilla due to browser same-domain policies);
  11. Compatible with GreaseKit (runs well in Safari and Fluid). In fact, I personally believe having this script in Fluid makes the nicest desktop client for Twitter.

You can follow the development of this script on GitHub.

Change log

  1. Update October 30, 2009 (v0.9.10): Compensate for Twitter.com changes: visual tweaks to the minified layout, linkify hashtags in dynamically loaded tweets, fix auto-updating and auto-paging.
  2. Update June 20, 2009 (v0.9.9): Fixed a bunch of bugs including the Twitpocalypse in Firefox. Big refactoring of the script in preparation for new features!
  3. Update May 26, 2009 (v0.9.8): Fixed a bug in friend sidebar sorting that sometimes prevented a script from initializing at all.
  4. Update April 17, 2009 (v0.9.7): Better tab-completion supports tabbing through multiple matches. Fixed a visual issue in the single tweet layout.
  5. Update April 5, 2009 (v0.9.6): Fixed broken header in Twitter mini-layout (activated when the viewport is small). Thanks, gobecky
  6. Update April 1, 2009 (v0.9.5): Temporarily compensated for changes in Twitter markup where they removed (?) a sidebar element which this script used as a hook. Real fix coming as soon as I find out what's going on (I'm among the users that didn't get the change yet).
  7. Update March 19, 2009 (v0.9.4): Compensated for changes in Twitter markup regarding pagination (broke autopagerization). Other small bug fixes regarding auto-linking URLs and dynamic loading of "in reply to" links for users with numbers in screen name.
  8. Update February 27, 2009 (v0.9.3): Compensated for slight changes in Twitter markup, improved autopagerization when scrolling. Also solved the bug when some people were seeing "this script has updates" notification although they had the latest version.
  9. Update February 23, 2009 (v0.9.2): CSS tweaks for mis-aligned content. Also a new feature: try resizing your browser window to a size narrower than Twitter.com layout ;)
  10. Another update February 21, 2009 (v0.9.1): Fixed an issue with Ajax in Safari; made dynamically loaded tweets from "in reply to" links more robust and added cute animation.
  11. Update February 21, 2009 (v0.9): Faster autopagerization; more robust live polling; friend names tab-completion; inline reply forms on single tweet page; "in reply to" links fetch the referenced tweet without refreshing. Huge update!
  12. Update February 6, 2009: Twitter.com made huge changes to their markup, so I had to compensate again. I wish they had a HTML API :(
  13. Update January 14, 2009: Really growl 4 latest tweets, not just 3. Also fixed a number of other live loading issues; "favorite" and "reply" icons work just fine again. Tweaked CSS on single tweet page to solve some visual bugs originating from Twitter.com itself (!)
  14. Update November 26, 2008: fixed a bunch of tiny bugs with live updates. Reduced Growl notifications to a maximum of 4 at once.
  15. Update October 23, 2008: compensated for more Twitter markup changes that broke practically everything.
  16. Update October 19, 2008: compensated for Twitter markup changes that broke auto-updates.
  17. Update October 5, 2008: fixed a bunch of bugs with auto-updates.
  18. Update September 28, 2008: improved polling for updates and displaying new tweets.
  19. Update September 25, 2008: huge updates for GreaseKit compatibility, polling for new updates, Growl notifications for Fluid.
  20. Update September 20, 2008: removed Quotably integration due to its poor link with the Twitter service. I have plans to add search.twitter.com integration in the future.
  21. Update September 19, 2008: adapt to the new Twitter interface.
  22. Update August 21, 2008: added Google maps for user profiles which have geo coordinates for location (popular among iPhone users).
  23. Update May 11, 2008: Hopefully fixed crashing of Firefox when preloading next page. Fixed the case when you reach the end of one's updates. Added options to turn off Quotably integration and turn on debug mode (sends notices to JavaScript console). Lots of tweaks to preloading logic and styles.
  24. (Another) update May 3, 2008: Fixed a quirk with last read tweet on home. Updated the update-notification system. Tweaked CSS.
  25. Update May 3, 2008: Twitter.com HTML has changed, updating Quotably integration. Fixed that a single tweet could appear twice on autopaging. Quotably icon now shows on the most recent tweet, too.
  26. Update April 14, 2008: fixed the Quotably icon for Firefox 2. Added that friend list in sidebar is sorted by screen name. Added automatic check for user script updates.
  27. Update April 2, 2008: fixed a bug when browsing single-user timelines and another bug with pagination reported by Jurjan-Paul (thanks!).
  28. Update March 28, 2008: simplified autopaging some more, which resolved an edge case.
  29. Update March 27, 2008: resolved a bug when preloading pages where only each second tweet was shown. Added that last read tweet is remembered when on personal home page.