Favicons for Google Reader

By sethaurus Last update Nov 17, 2009 — Installed 395,872 times.

Script Summary: Automatically decorates the Google Reader subscription list with icons corresponding to the website from which each feed originates. This replicates an effect currently available in other feed-readers such as Bloglines.

This script periodically checks the Google Reader page for feed icons () and replaces them with the corresponding favicon for the website where that particular feed originates (if the website has such a favicon available).

edit @May 8, 2008: Fixed bug on https-loaded pages.
edit @May 9, 2008: Added an error-check for non-existent images, so feeds without a favicon will now display the default icon instead of nothing.
edit @Feb 20, 2009: Completely rewrote the script to work with the new version of Google Reader. Sorry for the wait, guys!