Facebook Refresh 2 Alpha

By sizzlemctwizzle Last update Sep 7, 2008 — Installed 16,387 times.

Script Summary: Complete Rewrite of Previous Version

Version: 2.0.3

This script has been discontinued and only remains here as a resource for others wanting to create a partial page refreshing script.

Note: This version of Facebook Refresh is still in Alpha, which means that it is a bare-bones script. It also includes none of the advance features of the original Facebook Refresh.

What's Different? This script's goal is to automatically update most parts of the page every 30 seconds. Unlike my previous version which uses an iframe to update the page, this script uses Regular Expression.

What does it update right now?
  • The Newsfeed
  • Home sidebar status updates
  • Number of messages in navigation bar
  • Messages - Not working yet
  • Wall Posts - Not working yet

Future Plans

This script will be in Alpha until it can update all parts of the page that the original could without errors. It will then remain in Beta until it supports all the features of the original.

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