Gmail attachment reminder v3.0b

By norcimo Last update Dec 23, 2007 — Installed 22,816 times.

Script Summary: Reminds you to attach a file to your email if it appears that you have not.

This reminds you to attach a file to your Gmail if it appears that you have not, based on whether you have the word attach(ed, ment, etc) in the body. Based on "Jonathan Brodsky's script":

Version 2.0:

A more or less complete rewrite. Should now work with replies/forwarding (attempts to avoid false positives from quoted text). Plain and rich formatted text. Bug reports welcomed.

Now v2.1: Small update to fix detection of an attachment actually being present

Italian translation: See "this version": (thanks to Cristiano Tagliabue for the translation)

Ricorda Allegati per Gmail

Se trova la parola "alleg" nella mail ma non trova alcun allegato, chiede se
si debba inserirne uno (naturalmente si avranno dei "falsi positivi" per
parole come allegria, allegorico, ecc.). Originariamente basato su questo
script (, รจ stato poi aggiornato
per includere il bottone di invio, controllare anche il testo formattato
("rich text"), il formato "solo testo", le risposte e le mail inoltrate.
Controllare i commenti per sapere come aggiungere altre parola da
controllare (si tratta di una semplice "regular expression").


Added checking for the subject line (only when it's visible, so not when you're just replying etc) Thanks to Simon Wheatley for the intitial patch


Thanks seemed to get broken thanks to the new bar across the top of Google services (with links to Mail, Calendar, etc). Fixed that. Also tweaked the regexp to allow hyphenation after the word stem.

v2.4.1 Incorporates Gina's additions (thanks!). Note you can use multiple root words, simply separate them with a | (pipe) e.g. attach|alleg

v3.0 Beta Updated for the new Gmail interface. Should also still work on the old version of Gmail. Still in beta, but seems to work for me