Google Reader Filter

By Elad Ossadon Last update Jun 9, 2011 — Installed 75,248 times.

Script Summary: Filters duplicated entries and unwanted content or highlight chosen content based on keywords (with regex support).

Version: 1.1.2

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  • After installing the user script, a "Google Reader Filter" button appears on top right corner of Google Reader.
  • Settings window shows two text boxes. One for excludes and one for highlights
  • In each box you can write regexes separated by new lines
    java ?script
    windows (mobile|media|server)
* If you don't want a term to be treated as a RegExp, start it with a @
When opening a feed, excluded entries displayed with gray text, and highlighted ones displayed with a lime background. That will filter from your eyes what you'd rather :) You can also totally hide excludes, in the preferences.


This userscript only works with Google Reader's list view and not expanded view - switch to list view from the view tabs on the upper right.


  • Filter keywords in a specific feed/category

Version History

v1.1.2.1 May 25, 11

  • Fixed compatibility with Chrome 13

v1.1.2 Apr 16, 11

  • Removed unnecessary delay

v1.1.1 - Mar 18, 11

  • Firefox 4 support
  • Bug fix - had to refresh after first installation and terms set in order to see it working

v1.1b1 - Sep 1, 10

  • Redesign
  • jQuery integration
  • Added a preference whether to show quick add or not
  • You can now use special characters in a term, without worrying it'll become a RegExp. A term that should not be treated as a RegExp, should start with @
  • Close filter/quick add on escape
  • Better Chrome Support
  • Added logging

v1.0 - Jun 28, 10

  • Support for Google Chrome using localStorage.

v0.6 - Aug 14, 09

v0.531 - Dec 5, 08

  • Update to support new Google Reader's GUI - the "Quick Add" window is now fixed.

v0.53 - Apr 20, 08

  • Fixed minification regexp (added a few characters)

v0.52 - Apr 2, 08

  • Fixed some design issues - excluded/highlighted entries doesn't affect the content of the entry (thanks Paul Irish!)

v0.51 - Mar 31, 08

  • Fixed minification regexp (old one omitted numbers)

v0.5 - Mar 30, 08

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Enhanced filter
  • UTF-8 characters support

v0.4 - Mar 26, 08

  • Added the ability to hide duplicates/excluded entries, new checkboxes added in settings window.

v0.3 - Mar 19, 08

  • Duplicates also marked as excluded. Duplicate is an entry whose url or title were already printed.

v0.2 - Mar 16, 08

  • Added "Quick Add" window, which lets you add new exclude/highlight to the list from within an entry ( [#] button is added to each entry on its right)
  • RegExps are compiled only at initialization and after saving, not like before

v0.1 - Mar 8, 08

  • First Release