Google Reader Quick Links

By Benjamin Beckwith Last update Apr 5, 2008 — Installed 5,433 times.

Script Summary: Adds shortcut keys for links in the body of an item in Google Reader.

What you need to know

The 'f' is the control character used to avoid conflicts with Google Reader's built-in shortcuts.

Key Sequences

f-f: Open the original item in a new tab
f-l: Enumerate the links in an item's body text
f-<0-9>: Open the corresponding link in a background tab.


A few new shortcut keys are added to the Google Reader page. These shortcuts are activated by a control character 'f'. The key 'f' was chosen for simplicity and because it was currently unused.
The first shortcut is simply 'ff' which opens the current item in Reader into a background tab in Firefox.
The other and perhaps more useful keystroke is 'fl'. This runs some script that scans the body of an item displayed in the Google Reader Lens (viewer area) and add s shortcut keys for all of the links that it finds. The shortcut keys are 0-9 indicated by the "[digit]" appended to each link. Typing 'f-<0-9> will open the desired link in a new background tab.
Great for keyboard junkies.
It should not affect any built-in Google Reader shortcuts.


The shortcut keys described above are the default settings. The script (as of version 0.9) now supports user-defined shortcut keys. To set your preferences, use the new menu command available. Tools->Greasemonkey->"User Script Commands"->"GRQL: Set the shortcut keys". This will lead you through three prompts to set the three shortcut keys used.