Growl Notifications with messages for campfire and fluid

By Tim Harper Last update Dec 16, 2011 — Installed 7,808 times.

Script Summary: Growl what was said, who said it, and in which room (requires Fluid). Also, limit to growl when a word or something matching a regular expression is said. UPDATE: Works with the latest version of Campfire.

Version: 0.2

Script homepage

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Pre-requisite steps (you may have already done these):


  • Open up your Campfire app created by fluid
  • Click "UserScripts" in the menu bar, and select "Browse"
  • Search for this script (campfire growl should put it at the top result)
  • Click the install button - the script will install (!!! NOTE !!! - you must do this inside of your Campfire App, NOT safari !!! )
  • Click the "Userscripts" menu again, and click "Growl Notifications with messages for campfire and fluid"


  • In older versions of FluidApp, Growls (nor badges or dings) were observed to not work when using tabs due to JavaScript not executing in background tabs. The latest version of Flulid (1.2) does not suffer from that. If you encounter a similar problem, try opening separate windows.

Verified working on MacOSX 10.5.2, Safari 3.0.4, Fluid >= 0.8.3