YouTube Lyrics

By Aquilax Last update Jul 27, 2009 — Installed 136,683 times.

Script Summary: Adds a lyrics box to the YouTube sidebar under the video informations box. It can search in eleven different lyrics sites and it shows also all the results in a drop down.

Version: 3.04.00

Changes Log

  • 27.7.2009 ver. 3.04.00

    • Fixed video category parsing
    • Added the "movies" video category
  • 13.5.2009 ver. 3.03.01

    • Fixed feedback system
    • Added an option to show the lyrics panel from the user script commands menu
    • Minors code improving
  • 20.2.2009 ver. 3.03

    • Added a link to automatically send lyrics parsing errors
    • Added in the options panel a feedback system
    • The parsing lyrics uses now two separate regular expressions, one for the title and one for the lyrics
    • Parsing lyrics are organized in array to allow the parsing of different pages layout
    • Added a script command to show the lyrics panel when not visible
    • Some minor bug corrections
  • 26.1.2009 ver. 3.02

    • Improved code
    • Adapted to the new layout of youtube
    • Merge and not replace lyrics sites definitions
    • Fixed some lyrics sites definitions
  • 2.10.2008 ver. 3.01

    • Outsourced in an extarnal file the lyrics sites definitions
    • Fixed some parsing errors
  • 2.9.2008 ver. 3.00, It needs GM 0.8!

    • Partially rewriten
    • The script has been splitted in different files
    • Added multi-langage support
    • Added a configuration panel
  • 17.06.2008 ver. 2.10

    • Some minor bug corrections
    • Added
  • 21.04.2008 ver. 2.09

    • Some minor bug corrections
    • Expanded the version with a revision counter
  • 12.04.2008 ver. 2.08

    • Adapted to the youtube changes
    • Added to new lyrics sites: and
    • Some others minor enhancements and bugs fixing
  • 31.03.2008 ver. 2.07

    • Removed all the calls to unsafeWindow
    • Fixed parsing of
    • Some others minor enhancements and bugs fixing
  • 25.03.2008 ver. 2.06

    • Fixed auto update due layout change of the GM script page
  • 22.03.2008 ver. 2.05

    • Resolved conflict with Yousable TubeFix (thanks to tramabruta)
    • Added a menu command to check for update
    • Added two new lyrics sites: and
  • 18.03.2008 ver. 2.04

    • @Include changed to ** (thanks to klaatu00001)
  • 05.03.2008 ver. 2.03

    • Added a textbox with the key words
    • Added an automatic new version detector
  • 03.03.2008 ver. 2.02

    • Added two more lyrics sites: and
  • 01.03.2008 ver. 2.01

    • @Include changed to ** (thanks to mcm69)
  • 29.02.2008 ver. 2.00

    • New version, fully rewritten
    • Added three lyrics sites:, and

Bugs/Errors Report

Please if this script doesn't work just don't say "it isn't working" because I can't imagine why it doesn't work. If this script isn't working for you or you found some errors/bugs do the following things:
  • 1st: add the location/link/url where this script should work but it doesn't
  • 2nd: describe what should happen but it doesn't
  • 3rd: look in the error console for more informations: Menu-->Tools-->Error Console-->Errors
  • 4th: list all the others running scripts: Right click on GreaseMonkey Icon in the lower right corner of Firefox
  • 5th: report also Firefox version and Greasemonkey version

Thank you