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Script Summary: For IBList Data Editors Copy Amazon Prod. Desc. Paste into IBL WEM. Version: 1.94 Paste button not appearing on IBL - my silly error, apologies! 1.93 Corrected overly aggressive layout test. 1.92 - amended for revised layout (internal html)

Version: 1.94


If you use my other WEM script IBList simpleWEM, make sure it is lower(after) this script. - Go to "Manage User Scripts... and click-drag this above simpleWEM.


Paste button not appearing on IBL - my silly error, apologies!

Amended some overly aggressive layout testing - resulted in too many alerts. 20080808
Amazon changed some of the html internals.
Improved Publisher-name matching
Fixed bug where dimensions copy/paste may fail
Inserted another layer of testing for publisher matchup exact match ?
try first two words (<< new)
finally, try first word match

2008-03-30 Somehow I managed to screw-up the update process for GM users - UNINSTALL earlier versions before installing this or later updates
(IMPORTANT!! - select "Also uninstall associated preferences")

Amazon found another way to trip up regex month extraction - solved again!
All 'saved' vars should be reset prior to 'Copy' -- isbn-13 wasn't included in the reset :BLUSH:
If Amazon had NO isbn-13, ... IBL paste would WRONGLY use whatever isbn-13 was last stored.
Finally fixed the non-handling of international dates,
plus fixed the date paste - where a day not specified caused paste failure for all of published date
added the excellent SCRIPT UPDATE CHECKER by 'Jarett'
ISBN, if present copy ISBN-13. Pastes ISBN-13 if present, otherwise fallback to ISBN-10
Added Month/Day copy & paste to conform to new IBL data entry cells.
Added copy button to "Edit Manifestation" data screen.
Think it is now worthy of a version 1.0 release as it's now cross-browser - Firefox, IE7
improved regex matching
metric to imperial book size conversion
Firefox release ONLY Data Editors often have to rely on details from Amazon when entering data into the IBList book database. The tedious aspect for me was always trying to remember the data without swapping constantly to-and-fro trying to ensure I had all the info entered correctly.

In Amazon this script will place a "Copy Product Details" button alongside Amazon's Product Details heading. Press this button to store the details required by the "Add a Manifest" section of a WEM entry.

In IBList's Manifest WEM entry ("Add a Manifest OR "Edit Manifest") section this script will place a "Paste Product Details" button alongside the Manifest header. Press this button after copying the details from Amazon.

The only caveat I have to offer is that you must check that the Publisher name is correct - Amazon & IBList often call the same publisher by -slightly- different names.