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By rahul286 Last update Jan 14, 2008 — Installed 10,449 times.

Script Summary: BLOCK All Facebook application invitations with just one click.

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Few weeks back we came up with Ignore All button script which let you ignore all facebook application invitations in one click.

But Kenshiro, Kiljaeden and few users wanted similar button for blocking all applications.

If you are not familiar with blocking application...

you can visit any applications facebook page to block that application from using your information. This amongst the other things prevent application to send further add request to you.

Some really evil applications forces their existing users to invite other users in order to access or unlock important features they provide. As an example many quiz application let user take quiz directly but forces user to invite friends before he can proceed to results. Thus increasing spam!

Now back to topic!

This script adds two buttons as shown in above screenshot on facebook request page.

  • Block ALL Only button: This blocks all application found on request page but does not ignore pending requests. So if you choose to confirm any of pending request, you can still proceed to add that application. Note that adding any blocked application will unblock them automatically.
  • Block & Ignore ALL button: This blocks all application found on request page and ignores pending requests!

Quick FAQ:

Q: I just want to Ignore ALL request without blocking applications?

Ans. Use Ignore ALL button script which adds only ignores the applications.

Q: OMG! I blocked an application I wanted to use. How to unblock it!

Ans: Go to this facebook privacy page and you will see blocked application list.  Just click on remove links next to individual applications you want to unblock. Press Save to confirm changes. (see screenshot below)


Credits: Based onAli Karbassis Auto-Block script & zetxAuto-Ignore script!

If you are getting annoyed with Facebook applications invitation spamming then this script is for you. It adds IGNORE ALL button on invitation page as shown in screenshot. Clicking on IGNORE ALL buttons will ignore all application invitation in one go!


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