yourMovies Imdb Rating

By Johnny Bravo Last update Sep 17, 2010 — Installed 877 times.

Script Summary: add imdb ratings to list

Version: 0.10.1

adds IMDB rating to movies in search results on

17/9/2010 - imdb changed format of ratings page ... fixed

17/4/2009 - fixed a few minor irritations, rewrote a bunch of it ... make sure you remove old version, I've changed the @name value to include spaces. as a side effect, it WONT replace versions prior to this one

updated Nov 2 2005 ... changed their site to accomodate this script ... now only one xmlHttpRequest per movie instead of two ... thanks yourMovies!

updated Nov 15 2005 ... well, yourMovies removed the changes, so, the current script is a hybrid of the two methods to get imdb ratings info. Hopefully, yourMovies will re-instate the changes, and if they do, the script WONT break

Nov 22 2005 ... yourMovies have put back the changes from Nov 2 ...

Dec 17 2005 ... handle multiple cinemas properly. That's the problem with living in a one horse town