goear.com - MP3 Downloader

By andre.gil Last update Mar 26, 2009 — Installed 10,462 times.

Script Summary: Create a toolbar button on goear.com to download the MP3 from the song that you are listening.

Version: 0.42

This code was inspired on GoearDownload created by Chucky. The code wasn't working for me, so I decided to make my own version. I wish you appreciate! ;D

This version improvements:
- Works with the new goear.com version!! (03/26/09)
- Almost entire code was rewrited.
- Button on the toolbar.
- Download only with right click.
- Parse the goear XML as String. I was having troubles with some music names with special characters.
- Don't check for script updates.

Toolbar Button
PS1: The button only appears when the page finish loading.
PS2: Don't use this script to download illegal music! If you do that, it's your problem, not mine.