Google Reader Mousewheel and Keyboard Enhancer

By Hans Schmucker Last update Oct 9, 2005 — Installed 3,193 times.

Script Summary: Adds support for mousewheel scrolling to Google Reader and Enabled ArrowKey/PgUP/PgDn/Home controlls.

This script is now officially obsolete, because the functionality has been included natively into GReader. I won't delete it, because it effectively shows how to add Mousewheel functionality to any DHTML page. If you need further mouse support, check out Chris' extension ( ). Bye.

This adds MouseWheel support to Google Reader. Just move the mouse over the left column and use the mousewheel to scroll one entry at a time, or press alt to scroll whole pages.

Updated to prevent standard window scroll.
Thanks to Brent Charbonneau for the code.

Updated to new names for scrolling. (That's the problem with Google's Javscript compressor... every time they change something, all commands get renamed).

If you like Google Reader, be sure to check out Sean's GoogleSubscribe script ( ) which lets you add feeds just by visting the page and doing one tiny click!

An update to Google Reader broke compatibility, so now I've updated it to support the new commands... just install this script over the old one and everything should work fine.