Directory Browser

By jaejunks Last update Apr 4, 2014 — Installed 20 times.

Script Summary: Explorer-like browser for web based directory lists (Directory Index pages).

Version: 1.0.42

  • Currently support TABLE, PRE, and UL based Apache directory lists.
  • There are pages that have incomplete table structure (no TABLE tag; just TR and TH/TD tags). Presumably poorly customized. Those pages are not supported.
  • Page styles are optimized for Opera v12.
  • Tested on Opera v12 and Firefox v20 (with Scriptish). Not tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Know Issues:
  • Directory loading may never complete if the process is interrupted or the connection got broken by whatever cause. This is circumvented by using a configurable timeout.
  • Some web pages are not marked with the correct encoding, or even marked with the incorrect encoding. In this case, the tree node labels may not display the correct text even though the web browser encoding view has been set to the correct encoding.
  • Directory list loading can be noticeably slow if the list contains more than 1000 entries.

v1.0.42 Changes:
  • Fixed script initialization error if under Firefox.