Cookie Clicker Cheats

By Daniel Jochem Last update Apr 11, 2014 — Installed 146 times.

Script Summary: Enable/Disable different helpers/cheats/hacks for Cookie Clicker!

Version: 1.7


If you see a version number that has 4 numbers (e.g. then it is unstable and I am currently working on it and testing the script. You CAN download the script if you want still but I would NOT recommend it as there is a high chance it won't work. If this is so, please wait a few hours, up to 24 hours till it is up and running again, thanks for your time.

Last Few Versions:

------------------------------- 1.7 Update - Progressional Updates! -------------------------------
1. Golden Cookie auto spawning and clicking has been made into 1 button, and thus has eliminated all the problems with timings, and getting the "Cheated Cookies Taste Awful" achievement.
2. Since Orteil has changed a few things about his code, I decided to clean up my code majorly! At least 10% shorter now! THANKS ORTEIL! :D
3. Took out the Autowin feature, it was such a nuisance and I believe not a single soul used it. Ever.
4. Made sell building keybindings better performing, use ALT for Windows and OPTION for Mac. Still SHIFT to buy buildings on both Win and Mac.
5. More Cheats Menu is back! Better than ever!
6. Moved the Autobuy Buildings button back two places, it deserved a higher place :)
7. Changed around the code that accepts external libraries so it is faster execution of the More Cheats tab now, and faster total load time of the script!

------------------------------- 1.6.8 Update - Pitty The Fool! -------------------------------
1. The Fool's biscuit upgrade has been blacklisted.
2. The More Cheats Menu has been updated, it's up to my standards of completion. Had to rewrite some parts. ALSO other features have been added to the menu! ENJOY PEOPLE!
3. Added Prism to the keyboard shortcut list.
  • Shift+- (negative, next to 0) - Buy a Prism
  • Control+- (same key as buy) - Sell a Prism
------------------------------- 1.6.7 Update - First Test Found a Bug! -------------------------------
1. Added another feature for the seasonal event, puts the event name in the top box where the menu's are. For example today is St. Patrick's Day, so it says "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" in the menu bar.
2. The word "Valentines" is now "Valentine's" and instead of "St Patrick's Day" it is now "St. Patrick's Day".

------------------------------- 1.6.6 Update - Calendar Greetings! -------------------------------
1. Updated CSS to change theme of text for different calendar event months (check out CCC CSS script for full list).
2. Now when a specific calendar event has arrived, the script will wish you a good day, for whatever it is.

------------------------------- 1.6.5 Update - I'm in Lurve! -------------------------------
1. Really late coming, but here is the seasonal upgrade switches added to the blacklist of autobuy upgrades! (I totally forgot about the autobuy feature for a bit...) Thanks for your patience!


NONE! (Please give me some suggestions :) )




Buying Buildings:
  • Shift+1 - Buy a Cursor
  • Shift+2 - Buy a Grandma
  • Shift+3 - Buy a Farm
  • Shift+4 - Buy a Factory
  • Shift+5 - Buy a Mine
  • Shift+6 - Buy a Shipment
  • Shift+7 - Buy a Alchemy Lab
  • Shift+8 - Buy a Portal
  • Shift+9 - Buy a Time Machine
  • Shift+0 - Buy a Antimatter Condenser
  • Shift+- (minus key, next to 0) - Buy a Prism
Selling Buildings:
(KEY = ALT on Windows, OPTION on Mac)
  • KEY+1 - Sell a Cursor
  • KEY+2 - Sell a Grandma
  • KEY+3 - Sell a Farm
  • KEY+4 - Sell a Factory
  • KEY+5 - Sell a Mine
  • KEY+6 - Sell a Shipment
  • KEY+7 - Sell a Alchemy Lab
  • KEY+8 - Sell a Portal
  • KEY+9 - Sell a Time Machine
  • KEY+0 - Sell a Antimatter Condenser
  • KEY+- (minus key, next to 0) - Sell a Prism


- Autoclick Big Cookie
- Spawn one Golden Cookie
- Autospawnclick Golden Cookies
- Autobuy Upgrades
- Slaughter Wrinklers
- Capture the Deer

Extra Features:

- Script won't set off the "Cheated cookies taste awful" achievement!
- Autobuy up to any amount of any building you want. Just click the blue text that says "More Cheats", where the Updates, Menu and Stats tabs are and enter the amount of total buildings you want! You can also autobuy multiple buildings at a time!
- When a frenzy is active, the AutoSpawn GC's will stop until the frenzy is over.