By Twister_UK Last update Oct 28, 2013 — Installed 22 times.

Script Summary: Enhances Drives tab in WME

Version: 0.6

Modifies the Drives tab in the WME UI to show all fully available drive histories on as few pages of results as possible (WME has a limit of 50 drives per page), rather than just the first 5 drives regardless of how many are in a users history.

A fully available drive is one where clicking on its summary in the Drives list results in WME showing the drive taken on the map. In testing with my own Waze account, only the past 2 weeks-worth of drives were fully available, with all the others being limited to their summaries.

Chrome v27+ users: please right-click HERE and "Save link as...", then drag and drop it into the Extensions window within Chrome.

Version History:

0.1 - 20130830 - initial release
0.2 - 20130901 - now works for users with more than 50 fully available drives in their history
0.3 - 20130905 - now runs in WME beta thanks to Kuhlkatz
0.4 - 20131009 - fixes for new-style WME URLs
0.5 - 20131020 - now copes with users who have no fully available drives in their history...
0.6 - 20131028 - restores tabs for users whos last fully available drive was from the 1st of a month...